Basic Engine Building DVD - Interactive, Step-by-Step Instructions

SKU: BWM-1002

Basic Engine Building DVD - Interactive, Step-by-Step Instructions

SKU: BWM-1002
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Basic Engine Building DVD - Interactive, Step-by-Step Instructions

Only $39.95
free shipping (US48)

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This DVD will show any mechanic of any skill level, the complete and proper processes to complete an engine rebuild for almost any type of engine. The building techniques shown are just as useful for V8 engines as they will be for straight 6, V6, or even 4-cylinder engines. Many different brands of engines are taken apart in this video and then every step of their refurbishing and re-assembly procedures are shown in detail. Designed with the first-time mechanic in mind, this educational video will leave nothing unexplained as you follow our engines through every technique required to remove the engine from the chassis and completely disassemble every engine component. You'll follow every part through the machine shop to see what goes on behind closed doors in order to return your parts to a "factory fresh" status. The DVD takes you through the critical pre-assembly checking process to ensure proper clearances and operation. The final assembly is the most detailed section of the video, where you'll see every method for proper sealing, torquing, and assembly of your refreshed or new components. All the apropriate theories and techniques such as firing-order and ignition wiring are explained, followed by tips on installing your engine back in the chassis as well as the start-up and break-in procedures required for any engine type. Most importantly, you'll see every tool required, being used. Once you see how to operate a particular tool or you see an engine theory explained, you'll have that knowlege forever. This DVD is designed to give you a positive understanding of all the basic engine building techniques and concepts, and then actually show you every step of the application of those techniques.
  • Preparation
  • Removal
  • Disassembly
  • Machining
  • Pre-Assembly
  • Final Assembly
  • Installation
  • Start-Up


  • Publisher: BoxWrench Media
  • Author: N/A|Classification: Documentary (E - Exempt)
  • Pages: N/A|Running time: 210 minutes|Region code: 0 (All Regions)
  • Binding: N/A|Picture format: Color NTSC System|Sound format: N/A