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The Motor Bookstore has the highest-quality truck repair service manuals to help you maintain, service and repair your cherished vehicles. Whether you're searching for a Ford repair book for a late-model F-150 pickup or a Dodge shop manual for Durango and Dakota, it's sure to be found in our extensive inventory. We carry truck manuals in print and on CD for servicing, maintaining, repairing and restoring a complete range of makes and models of vehicles.

The DIY pickup truck and SUV repair manuals we offer, by Chilton, Haynes, and Bentley, are the best! These detailed truck repair manuals are written by teams of industry experts who are knowledgeable and passionate about do-it-yourself auto repair. With one of our aftermarket truck repair manuals in hand, even a first-time mechanic will be able to save money by performing a variety of services on their own with no prior experience.

We also offer a great selection of factory shop manuals, both printed and on CD, for models ranging from the early teens to the late 1970s. The OEM truck repair service manuals we sell contain repair and service information from the original manufacturer and are a valuable resource for service professionals in need of the most thorough technical details.

Find the Ford repair manuals, Dodge repair manuals and other service guides you need to maintain, repair and restore your truck or SUV today. Browse our selection below or get in touch with a live representative for assistance choosing the truck service manuals that meet your needs.

Get a truck repair manual so you can tackle any job with confidence, from basic maintenance to a complete engine or transmission rebuild, with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and photos that guide every step of the way. From tune-ups, trouble shooting and routine maintenance to procedures for servicing engines, transmissions and heating and cooling systems, our service books and shop manuals cover it all.

When restoring a new or classic truck, having a manual by your side is almost mandatory. Guesswork is for amateurs. Owning one of our aftermarket or OEM truck service manuals is like having a seasoned mechanic there providing the accurate information, tips and tricks to complete jobs safely and efficiently.

You can fix it!

So you want to repair your pickup truck, huh? Well, that's a great idea, and you will definitely need the right book to do the job right. Using a truck repair manual is like having a mechanic helping you along the way. And the manuals we sell are written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, with lots of clear photos and easy-to-understand text that you can easily follow along.

The Motor Bookstore offers pickup truck & SUV repair manuals by Chilton and Haynes, where mechanics, writers and photographers work together on a project vehicle, while documenting the complete truck teardown and rebuild. Every important step is accompanied by detailed specifications, exploded views, and sharp photos.

Haynes and Chilton manuals cover procedures for everything, from the most basic, routine maintenance like an oil change, to intermediate service jobs such as engine timing and tune-up, to a complete pickup truck engine overhaul.

So, before you start taking things apart, get the right truck repair & service manual, and do the job right!

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