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Automotive Reference Books & Manuals

Stock up your garage with all of the essential tools and materials you'll need for basic vehicle maintenance, service and repairs whether you're buying a car or equipping your garage. The most important tools in your shop include automotive reference books as a quick and easy resource for all of your automotive needs. The Motor Bookstore carries a wide selection of manuals and guides for you to use as a reliable reference about cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

When going after a new car for your garage, consider all of your options. Our automotive reference guides provide advice on what to look for, pitfalls and how to get the best deal according to your budget. Read up on tips for buying a new car, getting used or opting for a lease. Once you have found your new baby, our auto mechanic reference books cover the tools you'll need and easy car care to keep your car purring. Our general automotive handbooks offer general advice as well as illustrated visual aids and a dictionary of common automotive terms. More detailed guides provide additional tips and tricks for the more advanced DIY mechanic. Pick up a wheel and tires manual or an automobile paint shop reference book to properly maintain all aspects of your new car and keep it running longer.

At The Motor Bookstore, we also carry interesting books to expand the library of any car collector, restorer, racer or enthusiast. Learn more from the experts with Steve Magnante classic car restoration books. Our other books cover popular topics, including how to draw cartoon cars, details on car shows, the history of racing and favorite automobiles, model kits and more.

Whether you're adding to your home garage or looking for the perfect gift for a motorhead, shop our reference guides and automotive books. Get the help you need to set up an efficient home workshop and service every vehicle in your garage.