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For many auto enthusiasts, there is as much enjoyment to be derived from rebuilding, modifying and blueprinting their car's engine as there is in getting behind the wheel and driving it. For those folks, The Motor Bookstore presents the series of Chevy and GM engine manuals covering all aspects of their vehicle's engine, how to maintain it, how to modify it and more. Find information on big-block engine parts, how to build maximum performance engines, small-block engines, how to overhaul V8 engines, rebuilding LS engines and all you need to know about the motors that power muscle cars. These well-written and copiously illustrated manuals run the gamut from vintage engines to modern motors. Order from The Motor Bookstore and get your manuals with next-day shipping.

DIY Engine Rebuild and Repair Manuals

Whether you need to repair or replace a faltering engine, are restoring a classic vehicle or are customizing your favorite ride, our selection of engine repair and engine rebuild manuals are a valuable resource for getting the job done efficiently. You get accurate information that provides a complete overview and introduction to the various engine parts and components, as well as easy-to-follow instructions on how to do virtually any type of procedure.

Our repair and rebuild books come available for working on an extensive variety of engines, for all makes and models of vehicles.

Within our DIY engine repair manuals, youíll find in depth explanations and instructions for working on technical aspects of engines and improving power and performance. Engine rebuild manuals provide sharp photos and illustrations that give anyone with the basic tools and the will to learn the ability to take on basic to complex repairs and modifications.

This can mean substantial savings for the do-it-yourselfer by not having to spend hundreds of dollars in labor costs. Our engine repair manuals also greatly benefit professional mechanics by serving as a reliable resource to refer to for the most thorough technical details and specifications.


Chevy Big-Blocks: How to Build Max Performance On a Budget

Chevy Big-Block Engine Parts Interchange

How to Use and Upgrade To GM Gen III LS-Series Powertrain Control Systems

How To Build Max-Performance Chevy LT1/LT4 Engines

The Chevrolet Small-Block Bible

Chevy Engine Overhaul Manual: Diagnosis, Overhaul, Performance & Economy Modifications

How to Rebuild and Modify Chevy 348, 409 Engines

How to Build and Modify GM LS-Series Engines: Heads, Camshafts, Forced Induction, NOS, etc.

Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds: 1967-1981

Building the Chevy LS Engine: Rebuilding and Performance Modifications

How to Rebuild GM LS-Series Engines: From Tear-Down to Break-In, Stock and Performance

How To Build Big-Inch GM LS-Series Engines

Swap LS Engines Into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies 1964-1972

LS Swaps: How to Swap GM LS-Series Engines into Almost Anything

Chevy LS Engine Conversion Handbook

GM LS-Series Engine: The Complete Swap Manual

High-Performance GM LS-Series Cylinder Head Guide

Chevy LS Engine Buildups: LS1 Through LS9 Models

How to Rebuild Chevy LT-1/LT-4 Engines: 1992-1997 GM Cars & Trucks

Catalog of Chevy V-8 Engine Casting Numbers 1955-1993 and Stamped Numbers

Small-Block Chevy Performance Trends, Vol 1

Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBook

How To Build a Small Block Chevy for the Street

How To Rebuild Your Small-Block Chevy: All Years and Models

Small-Block Chevy Engine Buildups

High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cams & Valvetrains

High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cylinder Heads

How To Build Killer Big-Block Chevy Engines

Chevy Monster Big Blocks: Hot Rod-Built Big Block Chevrolet High-Performance Engines

How to Rebuild Big-Block Chevy Engines

Hot Rod Horsepower Handbook: Big-Block Chevy - 600 c.i., Crate Engines, Blown Big-Blocks, more

How to Rebuild the Big-Block Chevrolet

Big-Block Chevy Engine Buildups

How to Hotrod Big-Block Chevys: 396, 402, 427, 454

How To Hop-Up Chevy & GMC Engines 1951 Edition

California Bill's Chevrolet, GMC & Buick Speed Manual 1954 Edition

Oldsmobile V-8 Engines - Maximize Performance

How-To Rebuild Pontiac V-8s: Disassembly, Select the Best Parts, Machining, etc.

How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V8s

How To Build Big-Inch Chevy Small Blocks

How To Build Max Performance Chevy Small-Blocks on a Budget

Chevy Small Block Parts Interchange Manual: Selecting & Swapping High-Performance Parts

How To Rebuild The Small Block Chevy: Stock and High-Performance Rebuilds

Musclecar & HI-PO Engines Chevy 348 & 409 by Hot Rod Magazine

Musclecar & HI-PO Engines: Chevy 454 Thru 512 by Hot Rod Magazine

Musclecar & HI-PO Engines Chevy 396 & 427 by Hot Rod Magazine

Musclecar & HI-PO Engines Chevy 302 and 327 by Hot Rod Magazine

Chevy Small-Block V-8 Interchange Manual 2nd Edition

Chevy LS1/LS6 Performance, 1997 and Up

How To Build High-Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8s: Modifying & Tuning Gen III GM Engines

An Impressive Selection of Engine Repair and Rebuild Manuals

Our inventory of DIY engine rebuild manuals cover a wide variety of jobs, from swapping GM LS-Series engines into all different types of vehicles to upgrading to high-performance cylinder heads for increased power and torque. Manuals include everything from testing procedures and prepping and cleaning components to steps on how to completely disassemble engines and assess the health of individual parts.

Itís like having a master mechanic at your side offering expert advice every step of the way.

These engine repair books are written by individuals with experience working on all types of engines and include instructions and techniques that are carefully tested for effectiveness. Manuals cover troubleshooting, maintaining, repairing and completely rebuilding Chevy and GM engines. Whether you want to learn how to build a heavy-duty V8 engine, are dealing with buildup in a big-block engine or want to learn the latest trends in hot rod small block performance, youíll find the reliable literature youíre looking for all in one place.

The Motor Bookstore is a leading source for top-quality DIY engine rebuild and engine repair manuals. We offer the best prices, free shipping across the 48 contiguous U.S. states and customer service dedicated to your total satisfaction. Contact our live representatives online or on the phone to place an order today.