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A mechanic for your car or truck is conventional, but not so much for your lawn care equipment, generators, and other small engine equipment. Get your hands dirty, learn more about the moving parts of your most-used pieces, and become your own mechanic with the help of lawn and outdoor equipment repair books from The Motor Bookstore.

A shot engine may seem like the end of that tool's life, but don't replace it just yet. We carry several maintenance and repair manuals available for power equipment, lawn mowers, generators and utility engines. Learn the differences between gas, diesel and air-cooled engines as well as the best ways to approach repairs. Our incredible selection of repair books covers you for all of your essential lawn and outdoor equipment, including weed whackers, tillers, snow blowers, chainsaws and other grounds maintenance equipment. Easily repair your riding or walk-behind lawn mowers with the help of our do-it-yourself small engine repair manuals.

It's time to show the yard who's boss. We have manuals available for help on all of the top brands in the industry to keep your equipment performing at its best. Find the resources you need for Stihl, Yamaha, Craftsman, Acme equipment and more. Each repair book offers step-by-step, easy to follow procedures on how to perform everything from good maintenance practices to complex engine repairs whether it's for your edger at home or your full arsenal of commercial lawn care equipment.

If your power equipment is for commercial use, learning more about your small engines and mechanized parts is essential for cost-saving purposes. The more you know about how to service and repair your engines, the more you'll save in outsourcing repair work and replacing equipment. Increase the longevity of your most used equipment by knowing the proper procedures for quick maintenance and repairs.

Small engine repair books are also available for small AC generators. Your generator is meant as a backup for when your power fails, so make sure it's prepared for when you need it most. At The Motor Bookstore, we have maintenance and repair manuals available for all of the top brands in the business. With detailed instructions and crisp photos, you'll be able to perform anything from routine oil changes to major engine repairs. Get ready for some DIY maintenance and major cost savings.