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Chrysler / Mopar Engine Manuals: Rebuilding, Modifying, Performance, Blueprinting...

Rather than spend a fortune at a professional mechanic's shop, why not do it yourself? Auto maintenance and repair is something many undertake on their own, and you can too with the Chrysler/Mopar Engine Manuals available at The Motor Bookstore. Diagnose problems, do your own maintenance, get better performance, superior fuel economy or even learn how to rebuild your own engine with these copiously illustrated manuals packed with clear, easily understood instructions and diagrams on how to take care of these things step by step. Learn how to identify your engine, diagnose, remove the engine, interchange parts and service the cylinder heads. Even learn how to build max performance HEMI engines. Place an order with The Motor Bookstore and get your manuals with free next-day shipping.

Mopar engine rebuild

Above: Kathleen Turcotte sent this photo of her son Kenneth, age 17, who rebuilt his late father's Power Wagon motor with the help of a how-to rebuild a Mopar engine book and lots of elbow grease. Carl Junction, MO.