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Welding and Metal Fabrication Manuals

Whether you're looking to make body repairs or want to make custom modifications, The Motor Bookstore has the welding manuals, books and guides you'll need to make seamless, quality modifications to your vehicle. Learn more about every aspect of a welding project to ensure your safety, to choose the right materials, to keep the necessary tools on hand and ultimately to ensure the success of your project.

For many car collectors, restorers and other motorheads, stock won't cut it. Create truly unique features for your vehicle with the help of a step-by-step welding manual featuring techniques and tips to help you make custom modifications to any car, truck, hot rod, motorcycle or even aircraft. The Motor Bookstore carries books from professionals and experts in the field. Shop reliable names, including Motorbooks Workshop, HP Books and CarTech welding manuals.

Our selection covers a range of topics and skill levels whether this is your first time with sheet metal fabrication or you're a seasoned pro. Get down the basics and learn to weld or find tips and tricks with more in-depth information from the masters. These guides are ideal for any DIY mechanic looking to supplement their welding knowledge and skills. Detailed manuals provide guidance on the tools and equipment you'll need, troubleshooting, the proper metal selection, better technique, shop safety and more. Learn more about jigging and fitting, forming compound curves and the different types of welding. Guides cover MIG, TIG, gas, arc, plasma cutting, oxyacetylene welding and more. You'll also find practice tasks and exercises to improve your skills before taking on a more serious project.

Get the welding help you need or essential reference material from the practical publications metal fabricators bible. Once you read up on welding manuals from The Motor Bookstore, you'll be able to master the craft of fabricating and assembly to soup up any vehicle in your garage. Fabricate replacement body panels or add on custom feature with the help of welding manuals and expert advice.