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Do you feel the need, the need for improved racing techniques? There's more to racing a car than the vehicle's horsepower, torque and top speed. More than the performance of the car, racing is about the performance, preparedness and training of the driver. Find the best auto racing books at The Motor Bookstore where we carry books on how to race cars, how to set up your car for racing, the history of racing, driver biographies and the science behind it all.

Become your own racing coach, transform your technique and tackle the tarmac yourself with the help of our guides and books on how to race cars. Written by former drivers with years of experience behind the wheel, our books provide helpful insights for amateurs and professionals alike. Whether you're trying to turn your lead foot into a sport or are looking to refine your skills, learn more about how to turn your common mistakes into time gains. These guides cover choosing lanes, the proper technique for understeer/oversteer, mastering control and drifting as well as the psychological element of the sport. Find everything you need to know from our valuable how-to guides.

Part of improving your technique as a driver is learning more about your vehicle and the science behind racing. We carry a variety of books on physics, aerodynamics and geometry as well as race car engineer set up books to help you understand every aspect of what is happening on the track. Set up your car so your suspension and handling are right for weather conditions, varying courses and driver preferences. Our guides help you learn what to watch out for during training and race day.

At The Motor Bookstore, we also carry a variety of books on the subject of racing. Whether you're a driver yourself, a motorhead or a history buff, our selection will get you excited about the sport. Read up on your favorite drivers and the history of racing across several car racing disciplines including auto cross, Indy, street and drag racing. Browse our selection to find the books that suit your interests.