High-Performance Manuals & Guides

Home mechanics commonly mistake high performance upgrades as synonymous with high expense. Get the upgrades your after while saving money with the help of high performance manuals from The Motor Bookstore. These easy to follow how-to guides help you feel comfortable with tackling most performance projects in your own home garage or shop. Add horsepower, handling and more to your auto with mods that will allow you to skip the exorbitant labor costs.

Automotive Machining - Boring, Decking, Honing & More

New HEMI Engines: How-To Maximize Performance 2003-Up

2006-2016 Dodge Challenger & Charger Performance How-To

Oldsmobile V-8 Engines - Maximize Performance

High Performance Diesel Builder's Guide

How To Build LS GEN IV Performance on the Dyno

Chevy Big-Blocks: How to Build Max Performance On a Budget

Corvette C3 1968-1982: How to Build and Modify

Detroit Speed's How to Build a Pro Touring Car

2010-2015 Camaro 5th Gen How-to Build & Modify

Camaro and Firebird Performance Projects 1970-1981

Mopar B-Body Performance Upgrades 1962-1979

GM G-Body Performance Upgrades 1978-1987

Ford Coyote Engines: How To Build Max Performance

Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1973: How to Build and Modify

Weekend Projects for Your 2005-2010 Mustang

Porsche 911 Performance

How to Build Performance Nissan Sport Compacts 1991-2006

High-Performance Subaru Builder's Guide

Classic Japanese Performance Cars: The History & Legacy

How To Build Honda Horsepower

1992-1999 BMW 3-Series (E36) How-to Build / Modify

BMW 3-Series (E30) Performance Guide 1982-1994

VW GTI, Golf, and Jetta, Mk III & IV ? Find it. Fix it. Trick it.

Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook

Honda, Acura Engine Performance

1985-2005 Toyota MR2 Performance

VW-Based Baja Bugs and Buggies

Performance Exhaust Systems: How to Design, Fabricate & Install

How To Build High-Performance Ignition Systems

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001: Advanced Performance Modifications

101 Jeep Performance Projects: Suspension, Lift Kits, Frames, Transmissions, etc.

Jeep Cherokee Performance Upgrades: 1984-2001

How To Build a Dune Buggy

Sport Compact Car Engine & Driveline Handbook

VW Sport Tuning: For Street and Competition 1975-1997

Mustang 5.0 Tech Reference and Performance Handbook

Porsche 911 Performance Handbook 3rd Edition

To get the job done right, take advantage of our expert guides and manuals. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to automotive high performance mods and upgrades.

With guides for the most popular vehicles, including Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs and many other cult classics, you can tackle any automotive project thanks to The Motor Bookstore. We have manuals available for cars, trucks, and even dune buggies that are designed to help you with your DIY high performance build. Our selection covers a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles with makes including BMW, Nissan, Subaru, Jeep, Honda, Ford, Chevy and more.

Each high performance manual provides step-by-step procedures with clear photos and descriptions on how to complete most upgrade projects. The expert advice featured in these books will help you decide on which kits and aftermarket systems are best for your vehicle while keeping your budget in mind. Even the most experienced mechanics benefit from the tips and trips detailed in these high performance manuals. Make the modifications you want with the precision of a professional.

Every motorhead and performance boosting project is different, so our selection of manuals covers everything from simple upgrades to complex exhaust system builds. Learn more about engine blueprinting or figure out the best way to go about suspension upgrades from the guides at The Motor Bookstore. Install turbochargers, aftermarket brakes, advanced electrical systems, lift kits and more to modify your baby to your exact specifications. When you're ready, take her off-roading or see how she does against other souped-up cars.