Fuel Injection Repair Manuals & Guides

Fuel Injection Repair Manuals & Guides Plus Nitrous-Oxide Systems, Turbo, Supercharging

If you own a fuel injected engine and are looking for ways to save on maintenance and repairs, the Fuel Injection Repair Manuals and Guides available at The Motor Bookstore will show you how to do it yourself. Learn about the design, testing and installation of supercharger systems, advanced tuning tips, ways to tune and modify engine management systems, how to convert a carbureted fuel system to electronic fuel injection and more. Master these practices as described in intricate but easy-to-understand detail and illustrated with understandable diagrams and you can save hundreds that you won't have to spend at a professional mechanic's shop because you will know how to do it all yourself. There are also manuals on how to install and tune nitrous oxide systems, turbochargers and more.