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Hot Rods, Street Rods, Lowriders and Customizing: How To Build, Wire, Paint, Upholster and more...

Get the ultimate in customization, power, speed and style when it comes to your hot rod. The Motor Bookstore carries a wide selection of DIY hot rod building DVDs, how-to guides and handbooks for hot rods, street rods and lowriders. Our books and customization guides offer the best tips, tricks and professional advice brought to you from some of the top builders in the field. Benefit from their years of experience building and modifying hot rods.

Whether this is your first hot rod mod project or you're an experienced pro building a chassis from scratch, our guide books, DVDs and other reference materials can ensure the success of your project. For newcomers, pick a guide that uses step-by-step descriptions to walk you through the process. For the experienced builder, learn more about hot rods and custom cars or glean helpful tips on how to further customize your ride.

Get inspired. Hot rod guides and books from The Motor Bookstore are a great way to get ideas for your next hot rod project. Browse to find more about DIY hot rod wiring or about whether original or reproduction parts would be best for your particular needs. These reference materials cover everything from frame design to suspension, building a chassis from scratch, finding the right shocks and upgrading wiring. Modify your existing hot rod or build a new one from the ground up. Either way, learn more about building, repairs, service and restoration to amp up your hot rod's performance.

Besides extra power and speed, your hot rod's appearance is one of its most distinguishing factors. Show off your style with the ultimate paint jobs, sound systems and upholstery work. Our DIY guides will bring you tips and insider information on effective rust and paint removal methods as well as advice on replacing body panels and undercoating. In love with a certain time period? We have guides to help you make your hot rod period correct. Add the right aesthetic touches, materials, colors and hardware to make your vehicle fit a time period or theme.

Get ready to take your coupe, roadster or racer out with a little help from The Motor Bookstore and our extensive inventory of hot rod building and modification materials. Hit the streets to show it off or head to a regional show to see how you handle the competition.

Above: Steve Eisenhaur of Orange, California, purchased this Boyd Coddington custom-built 1932 Ford T Flathead hot rod, from the man himself.