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About Clymer Repair Manuals

Clymer Publishing

Whether you're attempting to perform your own motorcycle maintenance services for the first time or are working with a part or component you're less familiar with, it pays to have a detailed and accurate source of information to guide you. Clymer repair manuals are written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind and include all the detailed instructions and specifications you require to proceed with confidence.

Manufacturer manuals are, by design, aimed at the professional technician, who usually has an impressive array of specialized tools, equipment and knowledge at his disposal. Clymer service manuals are created with both DIY and seasoned mechanics in mind, and they also serve as classroom resources for teachers and students.

In addition to DIY repair manuals for a wide variety of motorcycles and ATVs, we also carry Clymer shop repair manuals for tractors, utility engines, personal watercraft and other machines. Browse our complete selection of service and repair manuals below, or contact us directly for expert assistance finding exactly what you need.


During Clymer manual research and production, models covered in the guide are taken apart bolt by bolt, then reassembled.

This attention to detail, allows Clymer editors to provide easy-to-follow instructions. In turn, the home mechanic can safely and efficiently perform service and repair his or her machine at home, instead that of a professional technician in a fully-equipped shop.

But even if you're not planning on doing your own repairs, our DIY manuals provides valuable details about vehicles and equipment that comes in handy when consulting with your mechanic.

Trust a family-owned business with decades of experience specializing in DIY literature for motor vehicles and machines. Place your order for a Clymer service manual from The Motor Bookstore today.

Video transcript:
Today we are going to talk about Clymer manuals...
Clymer repair manuals are fantastic, because they are written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.
There are no special tools or knowledge required.
The step-by-step instructions are clearly written in a way anyone can understand.
Each and every Clymer repair manual is filled with hundreds of pictures that clearly illustrate the maintenance, repair, or restoration process detailed in the book, and in the back of each Clymer manual you will find detailed wiring diagrams.
All of these features make a Clymer manual a must-have when working on your vehicle!
The Motor Bookstore stocks the complete line of Clymer manuals, so next time you need to maintain, service, repair... even restore your motorcycle, scooter, farm tractor, snowmobile, or outboard motor, check out our inventory." is an Authorized Clymer Distributor.

Sample pages:

Clymer Repair Manual Troubleshooting Sample Page
Clymer Repair Manual Repair Swing Arm Sample Page