Larry Grossman Art Wall Clocks, LED Lighted: Hot Rods, Route 66, Vintage

Larry Grossman Art Wall Clocks, LED Lighted
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Item Description

Larry Grossman Art Clocks

If you haven’t heard about Larry Grossman, you’re in for some schooling, because this artist has been up to quite the career over the span of his lifetime (and is still going strong)! We love Grossman’s original artwork for its vintage vibes and lush colors, and we handpicked some of our favorite pieces to offer you in the form of our Larry Grossman art clocks!

First, a little introduction to our friend Larry. This acclaimed artist started his career at just 15, when he bit the bullet, purchased his first airbrush, and began painting designs on T-shirts at car shows; the rest is history. Grossman has studied film and photography, won prizes and awards for his art, and worked for Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, and DreamWorks; most importantly, though, Grossman is a die-hard vintage car and plane lover, which is apparent in the painstaking care he devotes to each of his original pieces.

Made In America

Our Larry Grossman art clocks feature his best work, from the flaming Bad-Ass Gasser (which is—you guessed it—pretty bad-ass) to the beautiful Cruising the Signal, which portrays a beautiful scene from vintage California. Grossman uses gorgeous coloring, rich tones, and typefaces thick with heritage to truly capture the spirit of the age; you can bring all this home by picking out your favorite clock.

Every image used was meticulously reproduced by using a CNC router in order to preserve every detail. We then take great care to avoid distorting the image as we use a special UV-dried, computer-controlled printer, thus ensuring a high quality product as detailed as the original that will hold up for years. These make a great investment!

The clocks measure 14 inches across with an outer lens engineered from a high end Lexan optical lens. It won’t yellow and is guaranteed scratch resistant, held in place with three easily removable rivets that will make cleaning the lens a simple task.

If you feel like your life has been lacking something (and who doesn’t?), chances are it’s missing one of our Larry Grossman art clocks. A little bird told us.

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Subject: Larry Grossman Art Wall Clocks, LED Lighted: Air Races 1933, Bad Ass Gasser, Cowabunga, Cruising the Signal, Deuces Wild, Get Your Licks on Route 66, Joy Ride, Lets Filler Up, Rock Around the Clock, Street Coupe, The Good Life, Thunder Road, and Vics Hwy 40


Larry Grossman Art Automotive Clock Feature Specifications:

  • 14 inch diameter
  • Quality printing and artwork
  • Bright circular LED light source
  • Quartz clock uses one AA battery
  • 110 AC cord to turn on/off the backlit LED lights
  • Scratch resistant clear lexan outer lens material - won't yellow
  • Durable ABS plastic material for back of clock
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Side and Back Views for the Lighted Clock