Getting Started in Powerboating Third Edition

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Getting Started in Powerboating - Third Edition
Getting Started in Powerboating - Third Edition
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Getting Started in Powerboating Third Edition

It doesn't matter if you're considering giving the sport a shot or looking to improve your skills, Getting Started in Powerboating Third Edition is going to give you confidence.

Powerboating is one of the most exciting water adventures out there. And it's only better if you have a handle on the design and performance of the vehicle. This book is about putting the power in your hands. It's about selecting the boat of your dreams and budget, getting a firm grasp of the sports conventions and knowing things like the difference between a planning and displacement hull. Going through its chapters, you're going to discover how to maneuver like a pro, how to compensate for wind and current, and mastering high speed techniques, as well as the basics for turning, backing and docking.

Must-have information includes:

  • The latest on four-stroke outboards
  • Jack plates, jet drives, and bow thrusters
  • Piloting and navigation basics
  • Anchors and anchoring techniques
  • An updated market survey of popular powerboats
  • State licensing requirements

Getting Started in Powerboating is already a best seller, providing a huge number of owners with the push to hit the waves. The third edition has been updated to include the latest technologies in the field, such as the newest trailerables and-nontrailables, four stroke outboard motors, jack plates, bow thrusters and sterndrives. There's detailed step-by-step instructions for getting licensing and a thorough look at anchoring techniques.

If you're tired of standing on the beach and watching the boats go by but not sure if you've got the stuff, Getting Started in Powerboating is the place to start. And once you see how easy the process can be if you have the right information in front of you, in no time at all you'll be riding into the sun and watching them watch you from the beach.

Subject: Getting Started in Powerboating How-to Book. ISBN-10: 0071448993 | ISBN-13: 9780071448994 | McGraw Hill 48993

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Bob Armstrong
  • Pages: 280 - Black & white photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 7.25 x 9 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-144899-4
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Part One: Choosing the Right Boat
  • Chapter 1. No Boat Is Right for Everyone
  • Chapter 2. Boatspeak
  • Chapter 3. Displacement Hulls
  • Chapter 4. Planing Hulls
  • Chapter 5. Semidisplacement Hulls
  • Chapter 6. Comparing the Three Hull Types
  • Chapter 7. Drive Systems
  • Chapter 8. Picking the Proper Prop
  • Chapter 9. How to Read Boat Reviews and Tests
  • Chapter 10. Twenty Questions to Codify Boat Selection
Part Two: The Whys of Powerboat Handling
  • Chapter 11. Why Boats Don't Behave like Cars
  • Chapter 12. The Twin-Screw Advantage
  • Chapter 13. Transom Power
  • Chapter 14. The Influence of Wind
  • Chapter 15. What Current Does
Part Three: The Hows of Powerboat Handling
  • Chapter 16. Know Your Boat
  • Chapter 17. Boathandling in Wind and Current
  • Chapter 18. Docking a Single-Screw Inboard
  • Chapter 19. The "Impossible" Moves with a Single-Screw Boat
  • Chapter 20. Docking a Twin-Screw Inboard
  • Chapter 21. Docking Transom-Powered Boats
  • Chapter 22. Using Springlines for Maneuvering
  • Chapter 23. Using Thrusters for Maneuvering?
  • Chapter 24. Using Docklines
Part Four: Enjoying Your Boat
  • Chapter 25. A Matter of Safety
  • Chapter 26. Rules of the Road
  • Chapter 27. Boating and the Law
  • Chapter 28. Introduction to Navigation
  • Chapter 29. Getting Underway
  • Chapter 30. The Tools and Techniques of Trim
  • Chapter 31. Anchors and Anchoring Techniques
  • Chapter 32. Inlet Running
  • Chapter 33. How to Handle Heavy Weather
  • Chapter 34. Offshore Boating
  • Chapter 35. Practice Makes Perfect
Appendix: A Gallery of Powerboats | Index
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Questions & Answers about Getting Started in Powerboating - Third Edition

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Getting Started in Powerboating Third Edition
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