Clymer ProSeries Marine Repair Manuals

Professional boat mechanics as well as ambitious and well-versed amateur do-it-yourselfers will benefit from the information provided by the Clymer ProSeries Marine Repair Manuals available at The Motor Bookstore. The manuals show you in vivid detail how to take the outboard engine apart, how to put it together again, the best ways to handle preventative maintenance, tips on off-season storage and a primer on how to rebuild an engine to factory specs. Shop mechanics who work on outboard engines need the information provided in the flat rate pricing guide for outboards. The volume on wiring diagrams present clear schematics so that you can troubleshoot and repair the outboard's electrical system. Diagrams are clear, well-labeled and easy to follow. Even if you have an outboard motor that's 50 years old, there's a manual that covers repair of pre-1969 engines.