Sailboats & Sailing Books

Well, it's not far down to paradise, and if you recognize that famous lyrical line, you may well be a sailing buff. Anyone looking to educate themselves on either the basics or the details of sailboats and sailing will enjoy the library of books available at The Motor Bookstore on the topic. From choosing a cruising sailboat, heavy weather sailing and sailboat hull and deck repair to weekend woodworking for a sailboat owner and sailboat maintenance and repair tips, there's a book on every aspect of one of the most relaxing and rewarding pursuits one can enjoy. It is easy for a sailboat shopper to feel overwhelmed by all the choices, but there is a book that can point any sailor in the right direction and teach him about things like the significance of hull shape and the difference between weekend cruising and long-term cruising. There is even a book targeting women who love to sail and how to use the proper sailing lingo.