Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook: How to Design, Install, and Recognize Proper Systems in Boats

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Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook: How to Design, Install, and Recognize Proper Systems in Boats

SKU: MH-44569
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Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook: How to Design, Install, and Recognize Proper Systems in Boats

MSRP: $39.95
Only $34.85
free shipping (US48)

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Every boater knows that owning a boat is more than just taking it out on the water. There?s a lot of maintenance and other work involved to keep it running in tip top shape. The Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook is the leading reference for maintaining, designing and troubleshooting your boat?s mechanical systems.

For the boating amateur, the book helps you find each system and discusses exactly what each system is and what it does. This is invaluable information because a boat owner needs to know everything about the boat from stem to stern.

The veteran or professional mechanic will find this book a must-have for maintaining and diagnosing a boat?s mechanical systems. No one wants their boat in the shop for weeks on end, so show your customers that you?re the foremost expert with this book.

Even boat designers who are looking to improve upon existing technology need this book. It shows you how to design the various systems, so you can create your own or make them even better.

Whatever your reason, there is little doubt the Boat Mechanical Systems handbook is a reference that should be in the library of anyone who has anything to do with boats such as owners, mechanics, builders, insurers, buyers and surveyors.

It goes over all the systems including the drive train, bilge pumps, rudders and steering, ventilation, bilge and fire main, fuel systems and engine exhaust. Each section has well developed explanations and instructions on installing and recognizing these vital systems. It should be kept with you on the boat at all times because you never know when you?ll need it.

Subject: How-to Book with design, install and maintenance instructions. ISBN-10: 0071444564 | ISBN-13: 9780071444569 | McGraw Hill 44569
Table of Contents
  • List of Figures, Tables, and Formula
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author's Notes
  • Propellers and Shafts | Struts, Propeller Apertures and Shaft Angle | Transmission Geometry, CV Joints, Stuffing Boxes, and Engine Mounts and Beds PART TWO - FUEL SYSTEMS
  • Fuel Piping and Fuel System Bonding | Fuel Tank and Fittings | Tank Capacity and Range: The Free-Surface Effect PART THREE - EXHAUST SYSTEMS
  • Wet Exhaust Systems | Engine Cooling Systems and Their Exhausts | Dry Exhaust Systems PART FOUR - RUDDERS AND STEERING SYSTEMS
  • Rudder Geometry, Shape and Size | Rudder-Stock Size, Construction, and Bearing Specification | Rudder-Stock Angle, Control, and Installation Considerations | Unusual and Special Rudders: High-Lift Rudders PART FIVE - VENTILATION, AIR-CONDITIONING, AND HEATING
  • Ventilation of Passengers and Storage Areas | Air-Conditioning and Heating with Notes on Refrigeration | Ventilation of Machinery Spaces PART SIX - PLUMBING SYSTEMS WITH NOTES ON FIRE SUPPRESSION
  • Sea Suction | Bilge Systems, Fire Mains, and Fire Extinguishers | Selecting and Sizing Pumps | Freshwater Systems | My Favorite Head: Thoughts and Recommendations on Marine Toilets and Installations PART SEVEN - ANCHORING SYSTEMS
  • Anchoring Systems, Anchor Types, and Anchor Selection | Anchor Rode | Sizing the Anchor and Rode and Selecting Anchor-Handling Gear APPENDICES:
  • Calculating Areas of Plane Figures | International Pipe Standards and Pipe-Size Tables | Pipe-to-Hose Connections | Measure and Unit Conversion Tables | Insulation Products and Sources


  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Dave Gerr
  • Pages: 416 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Hardcover - 8.75 x 11 x 1 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-07144-456-9