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Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual: How To Maintain, Repair, and Improve Your Boat's Essential Systems — 4th Edition by Nigel Calder

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Owning a boat is more than just sailing the waters and enjoying the wind in your hair. It’s also about maintenance and repairs. No matter how expensive the boat, eventually there is something goes wrong. Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual covers just about everything you could imagine on a boat.

You never know when something is going to go wrong and rarely does it happen in a convenient spot. The last thing any boater wants is to be stranded far away from land with no way to get back home. When these problems arise, this book is a lifesaver. It covers electrical and mechanical systems from stem to stern and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to repair the most common problems.

The book covers the various battery systems used by boats, 12-volt and 24-volt DC systems and even diesel engines. No one wants to be surrounded by darkness, so a complete guide to the lighting system is available.

When it’s hot and the air conditioning goes out, you can flip to the right page and have it back up in no time. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty, then you can take on the transmission, shaft brakes and propellers.

The list of components goes on and on, but there is one common denominator: Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual. Don’t let hindsight get you stranded. Buy this book and tuck it into your toolbox, so it’s ready to go on a moment’s notice. It could save your life.

Subject: Boats: Mechanical and Electrical procedures, instructions and tips for boat owners. ISBN-10: 0071790330 | ISBN-13: 9780071790338 | McGraw-Hill 90330


List of Troubleshooting Charts | List of Tables | Preface and Acknowledgments to the Third Edition | Preface and Acknowledgments to the Second Edition | Introduction

Chapter 1. Establishing a Balanced Battery-Powered Electrical System
Introduction | Batteries | Getting Down to Specifics | Putting the Pieces Together | Summary: A Balanced System

Chapter 2. Electrical Systems for Energy-Intensive Boats
Additional Energy Sources | Dual-Voltage DC Systems | Fuel Cells, Higher-Voltage DC Boats, and Electric Propulsion

Chapter 3. Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Battery-Powered Electrical System
Batteries | Alternators | Voltage Regulators | Diodes

Chapter 4. Understanding and Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
Basic Concepts and Measurements | DC Circuits | AC Circuits Proper Electrical Installations

Chapter 5. Corrosion, Bonding, Lightning Protection, and Grounding
Corrosion | Bonding and Cathodic Protection | Lightning Protection | Grounding

Chapter 6. Battery Chargers, Inverters, Wind and Water Generators, and Solar Panels
Battery Chargers | Inverters | Wind and Water Generators | Solar Panels

Chapter 7. AC Generators, DC Generators, Electric Motors (DC and AC), and Electric Lights
AC Generators | DC Generators | Electric Motors | Electric Lights

Chapter 8. Marine Electronics: Antennas and Radio Grounds, Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference, and Saving Soaked Equipment
Marine Electronics | Antennas and Radio Grounds | Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference | Saving Soaked Equipment

Chapter 9. Diesel Engines: Operation and Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Winter Layup
Operation and Maintenance | Troubleshooting Part 1: Failure to Start | Troubleshooting Part 2: Operating Problems | Winter Layup and Recommissioning

Chapter 10. From Transmission to Propeller
Transmissions and Shaft Brakes | Connecting a Transmission to a Propeller Shaft | Shaft Seals | Struts, Bearings, and Propellers

Chapter 11. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
CFCs and the Ozone Hole | Balancing Refrigeration Needs with Boat Use | Air-Conditioning | Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair | Charging and Topping-Off Procedures

Chapter 12. Tanks, Plumbing, Toilets, and Through-Hull Fittings
Tanks and Fittings | Plumbing | Marine Toilets (Heads) | Through-Hulls and Seacocks

Chapter 13. Pumps and Watermakers
Pumps | Pump Switches | Watermakers

Chapter 14. Steering Systems, Autopilots, and Wind Vanes
Steering Systems | Autopilots | Wind Vane Self-Steering

Chapter 15. Stoves, Cabin Heaters, Gas-Powered Water Heaters, and Lanterns
Gas | Alcohol, Kerosene, and Diesel Appliances | Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Chapter 16. Blocks, Winches, Windlasses, and Bow Thrusters
Blocks | Winches | Windlasses | Bow Thrusters

Chapter 17. Spars, Standing Rigging, and Roller Reefing
Spars | Standing Rigging | Roller Reefing and Furling

Appendix A: Checklist of Winterizing Procedures | Appendix B: Freeing Frozen Parts and Fasteners | Appendix C: Tools and Spare Parts | Appendix D: Useful Tables | Index

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Author: Nigel Calder
  • Pages: 960 — Hundreds of b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Hardcover — 8¾ x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-07179-033-8
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    verified customer
    Great Book
    I service electrical systems on various boats. This book is filled with useful information about these systems. One of the problems with boats in general is getting things like schematics and other technical information. Most manufacturers don't provide this or the boat manual is missing. I particularly like the information on batteries,charging systems, inverters, shore power and more. There is a lot of useful information in there and highly recommend it to anyone who is doing this kind of work.
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