The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition

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The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition
The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition
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Item Description

The 12 Volt Bible for Boats 2nd Edition by Miner Brotherton

Mariners will find Miner Brotherton's book, The 12 Volt Bible for Boats, provides a full introduction to 12-volt electrical circuits installed on small watercraft.

Brotherton, an experienced mariner and retired professor of physical science, with Ed Sherman, director of education for the American Yacht and Boat Council, break down technical electronic methodology into easy to understand terms for readers.

Brother's guide provides information on the following electric components:

  • Reading Lights
  • Bilge Pumps
  • Small motors
  • Winches
  • Windlasses, and
  • Anchors

Brotherton also provides instructions useful for handling small boat electrical systems regarding:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance, and
  • Troubleshooting circuits
  • Instructions
  • Definitions and Terminology of crucial electrical components

In addition to providing the reader with an education of small boat electrical systems, Sherman's revisions offer more information regarding types, use and installation of battery technology including:

  • Latest battery types and technology
  • AGM model breakdown
  • Gel-Cell Batteries
  • Inverter exploration and breakdown
  • Multistage chargers
  • Alternative energy exploration and
  • Offers the latest information on new methods and conventions of electrical wiring on boats

The 12 Volt Bible for Boats is an easy-to-use guide for safely completing electrical projects on small watercraft.

Subject: How-to procedures about electrical systems on boats. ISBN-10: 0071392335 | ISBN-13: 9780071392334 | McGraw Hill 92335

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Pages: 208
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-139233-4
Table of Contents
TABLE of CONTENTS: Acknowledgments | Introduction to the Second Edition, by Ed Sherman | Introduction to the First Edition. Chapter 1. BASIC THEORY OF ELECTRICITY: A Primer
A Few Words of Caution | The Atom and Its Electrons: The Atom; Electrons; Molecules and Bonding; Ions and Electrons | Terms Defined: Coulombs Law; Charge; Current; Voltage, Potential Difference, and EMF; Energy; Power; Amp-Hours; Resistance | Electricity Is Not Water, But... | Ohms Law | IR Drops and I2R Heat. Chapter 2. ELECTRIC CIRCUITS: Parts of the System
Circuit Components | Series Circuits | Parallel Circuits. Chapter 3. THE BATTERY: Heart of the System
Primary and Secondary Cells | Purpose and Function of the Storage Battery | What Happens When Discharging | What Happens When Charging | Electrolyte and Hydrometers | Preventing Freezing; Using a Hydrometer; Determining Specific Gravity on Sealed Batteries | Load Testing Batteries | Storage Battery Construction | Differentiating among Batteries | Anatomy of a Battery; Six-Volt Batteries; Newer Battery Types | Battery Banks | Selecting a Battery | Battery Maintenance and Tools. Chapter 4. THE WIRING: Electrical Veins and Arteries
Proper Size: Resistivity; Wire Length; Thickness | Insulation | Identification Codes | Terminals | Installation | A Lesson in Soldering. Chapter 5. THE CONTROLS: Brains of the System
The Control Panel: Where to Put It?; Replacement Alternatives | Switches | Master Switch | Fuses | Circuit Breakers | Relays | Panel Meters. Chapter 6. TRANSDUCERS: Things That Do the Work
What Do You Need? | Lights: Navigation Lights; Interior Lights; Exterior Lights | Motors: Motor Maintenance; Starter Motors; Refrigerator Motors; Bilge Pumps | Electronics: Installation; Power Consumption; Interference. Chapter 7. RECHARGING THE BATTERY
Multiple Battery Isolators | Alternators and Generators | The Regulator: Making Adjustments; Checking Charging Voltage; Regulator Settings; Recharge Rates | AC Shore Power and Solid-State Chargers: Proper AC Converter/Chargers; Danger: Shock and Galvanic Corrosion; Maintaining Proper Polarity | Solar Cells | Wind Chargers | Water Chargers | DC-to-AC Inverters. Chapter 8. TROUBLESHOOTING THE SYSTEM
Troubleshooting Principles | Troubleshooting Instrument: The Multifunction Meter: Reading Ohms; Reading DC Volts; Reading AC Volts; Reading DC Amps | Troubleshooting Instrument: Test Lights: A Continuity Tester; Make Your Own; Buying or Making Test Lights | Locating Faults: Light Won't Work; Moisture-Related Problems; Engine Won't Start; Bilge Pump Problem; Blinking Masthead Light | Noodling Out a Solution: Make a Picture; Follow a System; Tickling the Field; Simple Problems with Varying Degrees of Complexity | Leaks and Their Detection. PARTING WORD: SOME THOUGHTS ON MAINTENANCE
Your Boats Electrical Toolbox | Spare Parts and Junk. RESOURCES
Contact Information | Installation Records | Index.
Questions & Answers about The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition

Questions & Answers about The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition

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The 12-Volt Bible for Boats - 2nd Edition
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