Factory Truck Shop Manuals

Tune-up, repair, maintain and restore your Ford and Chevrolet trucks with The Motor Bookstore's selection of factory service manuals and owner's manuals. Ideal for the restorer or truck enthusiast, these manuals are licensed reprints of the original factory manuals produced by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Toyota Motor Corporation. Service manuals contain complete vehicle assembly, maintenance, service and repair, while truck owner's manuals offer vital owner information and make great accompaniments to your fully restored trucks.

Find Chevrolet truck factory service manuals dating all the way back to 1947 or pick up Chevy truck manuals from the '50s, '60s and '70s. The Motor Bookstore even carries hard-to-find manuals covering topics such as 1950s Chevy radios.

Our Ford truck factory service manuals cover models from 1953 to 1980 and contain high-quality references like detailed diagrams and illustrations highlighting essential vehicle components. Be sure to browse our complete selection of truck service manuals for more great guides.

Our licensed Toyota SUV / Truck OEM shop manuals cover models from 1980 into the 2000s.