Jeep OEM Factory Service Manuals - Military, Willys, CJ, Wrangler, Wagoneer, Truck

In the history of automobiles, few vehicles have become as beloved as the scrappy, rugged Jeep. Offering great utility, combined with handsome looks, these go anywhere models have served customers extremely well for over 70 years. From military motor pools to countless off-the-map excursions, the Jeep has practically seen and done it all. As solid as these vehicles are, eventually they'll need service and repair. When you get to that point, The Motor Bookstore is ready to get you back on the road...or off of it!

We are pleased to offer a selection of high-quality shop manuals. They will provide you with the specs and details you need to tackle projects from small to large. Each one is freshly-printed and packaged and just waiting for you to make it your own by putting your seal of approval (your very own greasy fingerprints) on the edges of its detailed pages.


1987 - 1988 Jeep Wrangler / YJ Service Workshop Manual - M.R. 279

1986 - 1988 Jeep Comanche Service Shop Manual - M.R. 277

1984 - 1988 Jeep Cherokee / Wagoneer Shop Manual - M.R. 244

1984 - 1988 Jeep Cherokee / Wagoneer Bodywork Shop Manual - M.R. 247

1984 - 1988 Jeep 700 / 900 Series Transmission Service Manual

1984 - 1988 Jeep MOT I-6 Engine Service Manual

1983 - 1987 Jeep INJ. TBI / Throttle Body Fuel Injection Service Manual

1984 - 1986 Jeep CJ-7 / Scrambler Shop Manual - M.R. 252

1983 Jeep Shop Manual Supplement

1982 Jeep Shop Manual

1981 Jeep Shop Manual

1980 Jeep Technical Service Manual

1980 Jeep Technical Service Manual Supplement

1974 - 1980 Jeep Parts Catalog F-74080 R2

1979 Jeep Shop Manual

1978 Jeep Technical Service Manual (3 Volumes)

1977 Jeep Shop Manual

1976 Jeep Technical Service Manual

1975 - 1976 Jeep Model DJ-5D Dispatcher Service Manual

1975 - 1976 Jeep Model DJ-5D Dispatcher Parts Catalog

1975 Jeep Shop Manual

1974 Jeep Shop Manual

1973 Jeep Shop Manual

1972 Jeep Shop Manual

1969 - 1970 Jeep Gladiator & Wagoneer (J-Series) Service Manual

1966 - 1971 Jeep CJ Shop Manual (SM-1046)

1962-1967 Jeep J-100, J-200, J-300 Service Manual Pickup, Stake, Station Wagon, Panel Delivery - SM1019R1

1957 - 1965 Jeep Service Manual - Utility Vehicles

1953 - 1961 Jeep CJ / DJ Parts List

1946 - 1965 Jeep Universal Service Manual

1951-1971 Jeep Service Manual M38A1 Utility Truck

1946 - 1957 Jeep Shop Manual

1946 - 1955 Willys Jeep CJ Mechanics Manual

1945 - 1949 Jeep Willys CJ-2A Maintenance Manual

Willys-Overland Motors Jeep & Jeepster Mechanic's Manual 1938-1949

Benefits of Purchasing Jeep Factory Service Manuals From The Motor Bookstore

When you're taking on a project, you definitely want to use the most accurate instructions available. That's just what you get with a reproduction shop manual from The Motor Bookstore. The content, in its entirety, has been taken from the factory service manuals, which were written by the experts at the automaker for use by their dealership service teams back when these great vehicles first hit the streets and trails.

The typical Jeep manual is packed with well-written text instructions which has been conveniently paired with a large number and variety of visual aids to be sure you get the jobs done right. They are the definitive guides for service and repair on these classic run-abouts. Before you grab a wrench, before you grab a socket, put one of these comprehensive Jeep manuals at your finger tips . You'll find yourself spending less time wrenching and more time wheeling when you have the factory specs and instructions right in the palm of your hand.

On road? Off road? Both? However you use your Jeep, make sure you keep it it doesn't let you down.

Another benefit that the Motor Bookstore provides is fast and free shipping (in the continental U.S.)!