Saturn VUE SUV Repair Manuals

If you own a Saturn VUE Sport Utility Vehicle, The Motor Bookstore offers manuals by Chilton and Haynes, specifically written for the DIY Saturn VUE owner. These workshop guides allow you to work on your own vehicle, from basic maintenance to advanced repairs. Every procedure is clearly explained with both sequential text instructions accompanied by close-up photos and illustrations, so you can do it yourself!

Saturn VUE workshop manuals!

The purpose of a DIY manual is to help you get the best value from your SUV, and that can be achieved in several ways. It can help you decide what work needs to be performed, whether that involves basic maintenance, troubleshooting, or an all-out engine rebuild.

Like all Chilton and Haynes manuals, these books are organized into chapters with easy-to-follow text instructions and plenty of photos and illustrations that provide a better understanding of each system or component.

Saturn VUE vehicles are powered by in-line four-cylinder engines or V6 engines, driving the front wheels via independent driveaxles. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) models also transfer power to the rear wheels via a transfer case, driveshaft, differential and rear driveaxles.

Transmissions available include a 5-speed manual and a 4- or 5-speed automatic. Brakes are disc at the front and drums at the rear, and some models were equipped with ABS.

Even if you decide to allow the dealership or local repair shop do any major repairs, these manuals will give you a wealth of information so you can fully understand what needs to be done.

And if you decide to tackle the job yourself, you will know that the service tasks were done correctly.