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The Motor Bookstore has the web's most comprehensive selection of top-quality Chevrolet truck manuals for sale at the best prices. These Chevy service manuals are written and designed to help you get vital specifications and accurate information on your 1940s to 1970s Chevy truck. Whether you need to overhaul the chassis on a 1971 pickup or adjust the suspension on a 1975 light duty truck, you'll find the Chevrolet service manuals you require in stock and ready to ship.

Often when working on classic vehicles, the original Chevy service manual is either out of print or difficult to come by. The service manuals we sell are exact reproductions of the same vintage manuals produced by Chevrolet and feature clear, highly detailed diagrams with exploded cutouts and other visuals to help you repair or restore your truck. Manuals also contain component details and specs on engine data, engine torque, carburetion and more.

Each Chevy truck repair manual covers complete information on the Chevy trucks from the specific year the manual was printed. You'll find guides for Chevy Light Duty 10-60 Series trucks and all 1967-1972 Chevy and GMC trucks in this selection from The Motor Bookstore. Buy Chevy truck shop manuals and pair them with that year's manual supplement for a great gift for Ford truck lovers, mechanics or general car enthusiasts. Guides contain detailed part numbers and part locations to help you completely restore Chevy trucks from the ground up.

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Even if you or the person you are buying for doesn't plan on working on the vehicle, these OEM manuals contain valuable information that helps you better understand everything involved in servicing and maintaining your truck.

Guides contain detailed part numbers and part locations to help you completely restore Chevy trucks from the ground up. In addition to the largest selection of OEM Chevy service manuals for trucks, we also carry additional guides such as factory assembly manuals and chassis overhaul manuals that are perfect for auto enthusiasts performing restoration projects or anyone who enjoys working on vehicles.

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As a family-owned company specializing in DIY auto service literature, we're dedicated to providing the resources necessary to help you successfully perform your own truck maintenance, repairs and restorations.

Explore our selection of Chevrolet service manuals online, and get in touch with us for additional assistance placing your order.