How To Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification By CarTech Books

Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification
Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification
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Streamline Aluminum Trailers: Restoration & Modification does what has never been done extensively before. It puts the streamline aluminum trailer restoration process in the hands of the owner. We’re talking about repair and management of trailing bumpers and tongues. We’re putting on the table a go-to-school read for flooring, chassis, exterior and interior skin, insulation, doorjamb refabrication, electrical elements, plumbing and polishing. And every project, broken down in simple English for the layman, is a comprehensive A-to-B workshop with visual guides that will keep you on track.

Expect this streamline aluminum trailer restoration guide to make what might seem a difficult consignment a possibility even in the most inexperienced hands. The flooring chapter alone covers material choices, plywood templating, subfloor installation and how to salvage existing wood. You’ll learn exactly why templating is so important, how to compress plywood sufficiently, and replace subfloors without shifting support and stressing the trailer body, There are details on the Marmoleum floor, unique to the Nissan camper van, and the minor project adjustments that separate it from other vehicles.

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Trailer owners take as much pride in the beauty of their vehicles as the guy behind the wheel of a Lambo. Trailer aficionados love the iconic appearance and shape of their trailer bodies and have done so for the almost 100 years these getaway vacation cribs have been on the road. A well-designed set of streamline aluminum trailer restoration procedures will be of great use to every owner that wants to shine on campgrounds or know that their trailer is both beautifully and structurally sound for all their adventures.

Trust that Streamline Aluminum Trailers: Restoration & Modification more than fits the bill here.

About the Author
An outdoor enthusiast in every sense of the word, author Daniel Hall easily became enamored of vintage campers in all shapes, sizes and appearances. Despite traversing deserts and mountains and exploring forests, his restoration career actually began with boats before moving into the realm of Alaskan Campers. His first camper restoration took place in 2011. This book encompasses his history with aluminum trailers, much of it culled from experiences at a restoration specialty shop in Salt Lake City where he was involved in over 50 camper restorations.

Subject: Streamline Aluminum Trailers: Restoration & Modification - How-To Guide. ISBN-10: 1613257163 | ISBN-13: 9781613257166 | CarTech Books SA344P

  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Daniel Hall
  • Pages: 176 - Over 500 b&w photos and illustratons
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-716-6
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started 
Models to Consider 
Where to Find a Project 
DIY or Outsourcing 
Tools and Equipment 
Design Modifications 
Planning Your Work Space 

Chapter 2: Disassembly 
Safety First! 
Animal Contamination 
Tanks, Stove and Fridge 
Galley, Bed and Cabinets 
Interior Skin 
Lift the Shell 

Chapter 3: Chassis 
Frame Members 
Stabilizer Jacks and Bumper Mod 
Propane Tank and Spare Tire Mount 
Finish Application 

Chapter 4: Flooring 
Material Choices 
Plywood Template 
How to Salvage Damaged Wood 
Subfloor Install 
Marmoleum Floor 

Chapter 5: Body 
Belly Pan 
Aluminum Bodywork 
Hidden Components 
Body Reinstallation 
Panel Patching

Panel Replacement 
Locker Restoration 

Chapter 6: Doors and Windows 
Main Door Disassembly 
Main Door Reassembly 
Baggage Door Restoration 
Window Restoration 
Rubber Gasket Replacement 
Screen Replacement 
Chapter 7: Electrical Systems 
Volts and Circuits 
Battery Choices 
Distribution Block 
Solar Panels 
Chassis Wiring 
Trailer Taillights 

Chapter 8: Insulation 
Foil-Backed Bubble Pack 
Spray Foam 

Chapter 9: Interior Skin 
Panel Sanding 
Panel Painting 
Interior Panel Repair 

Chapter 10: Interior Cabinets 
Wood Finishes 
Woodworking Procedures 
Aluminum Trim 
Tables and Bed Lifts 
Overhead Lights and Lockers 
Metal Plating 

Chapter 11: Appliances 
Ice Chest 
Gas Lamp 

Chapter 12: Plumbing and Liquid Propane

Chapter 13: Polishing and Brightwork 
Polishing Tools 
Small-Scale Polishing 
Large-Scale Polishing 
Preserving Your Work 

Chapter 14: Traveling with Your Trailer 
Empty the Tanks 
Towing Preparation 
Hitching Up 
Choose a Destination 


Questions & Answers about Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification

Questions & Answers about Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification

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How To Streamline Aluminum Trailers Restoration & Modification By CarTech Books
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