Automotive Upholstery & Interior Restoration

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Automotive Upholstery & Interior Restoration

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Automotive Upholstery & Interior Restoration

MSRP: $36.95
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How-To Restore Automotive Upholstery & Interior Book By CarTech

When you begin to look at everything that is usually involved in a vehicle restoration, it can be a lot to absorb. It's best to break it down into manageable sections to easier visualize the project. Look at it in stages, such as: engine, brakes, suspension, paint and body, etc. One of those big areas involves the upholstery and interior. After all, the inside of the car is where you'll hopefully be spending most of your time, once the project is finished. People often decide to dig-in and take on the mechanical work themselves. Some folks are adventurous and decide to do the body-work and/or the paint, but, for some reason, many choose to contract a shop when it comes time to handle the interior work. There's no need to hire someone else, and spend thousands of dollars when it comes to automotive interior restoration. That's because Car Tech, as part of their restoration series, offers this wonderful book, Automotive Upholstery and Interior Restoration. It was written by Fred Mattson, a professional upholsterer who has not only owned his own upholstery business, but has been involved in sewing interiors for high-end restoration specialists and upholstery shops.

After you finish the first chapter, which involves explaining the various tools of the trade, you'll be given handy, expert instructions in chapters regarding: seat restoration, door panels, armrests, headliner, carpet and convertible top. By the time you've absorbed all of the interior restoration knowledge provided in this book, you'll be gung-ho to take on all of the automotive interior restoration projects on your favorite vehicle. In addition to saving money, you'll have the satisfaction of learning valuable skills and doing the work yourself.

NOTE: Click on the Table of Contents tab below to view table of content details.

There are almost 200 pages of details to walk you through a huge number and variety of interior projects. You'll also be pleased to know that in addition to the detailed step-by-step, text instructions, this comprehensive guide has over 500 great photographs and charts to give you a good visual representation of the work.

How detailed is this automotive interior restoration guide? Let's just take a look at what's covered in the chapter regarding seat restoration. In it, you'll find specifics regarding: seat cover panels, seat removal, disassembly, coil springs, seatback supports, zigzag springs, trim panels and seat skirts, seatback panels, robe cords, patterning, material orientation, panel inserts, rear apron panel, welt cord, listings, seat cover, seat cushion, seat cover installation, outside backs, final assembly, seat cover build without a pattern and pleated seat cover alignment. That's just one chapter! As you can see, this book is the manual you need to tackle your automotive interior restoration projects.

Subject: How-To Restore Automotive Upholstery & Interior Book. ISBN-10: 1613253311 | ISBN-13: 9781613253311 | CarTech Books SA393

About the Author 

Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade 
Pres-N-Snap Setter 
Hog-Ring Pliers 
Door-Clip Tool 
Window- and Door-Crank Tool 
Headliner Tuck Tool 
Staple Lifter 
Supply Sources 
Shop Supplies 
OEM Materials 

Chapter 2: Seat Restoration 
Seat Cover Panels 
Seat Removal 
Coil Springs 
Seatback Supports 
Zigzag Springs 
Trim Panels and Seat Skirts 
Seatback Panels 
Robe Cords 

Material Orientation 

Panel Inserts 
Rear Apron Panel 
Welt Cord 
Seat Cover 
Seat Cushion 
Seat Cover Installation 
Outside Backs 
Final Assembly 
Seat Cover Build Without a Pattern 
Pleated Seat Cover Alignment 

Chapter 3: Door Panels 
Material Choices 
Door Panel Cleat Fabrication 
Creating a New Door Panel 
Door Panel Assembly 
Door Panel Installation 
Planning and Layout 
Panel Construction 

Chapter 4: Armrests 
Armrest Replacement 
Console Restoration

Chapter 5: Headliner 
Create a Headliner 
Bow Measurement 
Headliner Prep 
Headliner Installation 
Dome Light 
Sun Visor 
Package Tray 

Chapter 6: Carpet 
Project Assessment 
The Pad 
Carpet Measurements 
Carpet Installation 

Chapter 7: Convertible Top 
Inspection and Evaluation 
Removal and Adjustment 
Header Bow Servicing 
Frame Servicing 
Frame Painting 
Pad Installation 
Rear Tack Rail 
Well Liner 
Rear Curtain 
Top Fitment 
Prior Damage Repair 
Hydraulic System Servicing 
Tack Rail Reconditioning 
Double-Blank Curtain 

Source Guide 


  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Fred Mattson
  • Pages: 192 - Over 500 color photos and illustratons
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-331-1