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Chevy Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire Repair Manual 1995-2000 by Chilton

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This Chilton DIY repair and service manual, covers 1995-2000 Chevy Cavalier and 1995-2000 Pontiac Sunfire, U.S. and Canadian models.

Book Excerpt: 1995-2000 Chevy Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire Repair Manual



2.2L ENGINE (See Figures 185, 186, 187 and 188)

  1. Jack up the engine and support it safely.
  2. Remove the transaxle as outlined in Section 7.
  3. Remove the flywheel.
  4. Insert a suitable pry tool in through the dust lip and pry out the seal by moving the tool around the seal until it is removed.
  5. NOTE: Use care not to damage the crankshaft seal surface with a pry tool.


  6. Before installing, lubricate the seal bore to seal surface with engine oil.
  7. Install the new seal using a suitable seal driver.
  8. Slide the new seal over the mandrel until the dust lip bottoms squarely against the tool collar.
  9. Align the dowel pin of the tool with the dowel pin hole in the crankshaft and attach the tool to the crankshaft. Tighten the attaching screws to 2-5 ft. lbs. (2.7 - 6.8 Nm).
  10. Tighten the T-handle of the tool to push the seal into the bore. Continue until the tool collar is flush against the block.
  11. Loosen the T-handle completely. Remove the attaching screws and the tool.
  12. NOTE: Check to see that the seal is squarely seated in the bore.

  13. Install the flywheel and transaxle.
  14. Start the engine and check for leaks.


(See Figures 18 and 19)

The blower motor and fan are serviced as an assembly only.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the passenger side sound insulator.
  3. Detach the electrical connections form the blower motor.
  4. Remove the blower motor retaining screws, and then remove blower motor and fan assembly.

  6. Install blower motor and fan assembly, and then secure using the retaining screws.
  7. If equipped, connect the blower motor cooling tube.
  8. Attach the electrical connections to the blower motor.
  9. Install the right side sound insulator.
  10. Connect the negative battery cable.

Subject: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Chevy Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 0801991145 | ISBN-13: 9780801991141 | Chilton 28322


Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting

  • Tune-up and routine maintenance
  • Engine and overhaul procedures
  • Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Engine electrical systems
  • Emissions control systems
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Body
  • Chassis electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams

  • Publisher: Chilton Manuals
  • Pages: 314 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8019-9114-1
  • Years: 1995 - 2000
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