Chevrolet Cobalt 2005-10, Chevrolet HHR 2006-11, Pontiac G5 2007-09 & Saturn ION 2003-2007, Pontiac Pursuit 2005-2006 Repair Manual

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Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5 2003-2011 Repair Manual
Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5 2003-2011 Repair Manual
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This Chilton DIY repair and service manual covers 2005-2011 Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5, plus it includes coverage of the 2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit.

Includes all U.S. and Canadian models with DOHC 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L engines. Manual and automatic transaxles.

Book Excerpt: 2005-2011 Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Pursuit Repair Manual


NOTE: The Cobalt has been equipped with DOHC 4-cylinder 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L engines, which are nearly identical in maintenance and repair.



  1. Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands, then refer to Chapter 7 and remove the transaxle. If it's leaking, now would be a very good time to replace the front pump seal/O-ring (automatic transaxle only).
  2. If you're working on a manual transaxle equipped vehicle, remove the pressure plate and clutch disc (see Chapter 8). Now is a good time to check/replace the clutch components.
  3. Use a center punch or paint to make alignment marks on the flywheel/driveplate and crankshaft to ensure correct alignment during reinstallation.
  4. Remove the bolts that secure the flywheel/driveplate to the crankshaft. If the crankshaft turns, wedge a screwdriver in the ring gear teeth to jam the flywheel.
  5. Remove the flywheel/driveplate from the crankshaft. Since the flywheel is fairly heavy, be sure to support it while removing the last bolt. If an automatic transmission-equipped vehicle has a spacer between the crankshaft and the driveplate, note which way it was installed.

  7. Clean the flywheel to remove grease and oil. Inspect the surface for cracks, rivet grooves, burned areas and score marks. Light scoring can be removed with emery cloth. Check for cracked and broken ring gear teeth. Lay the flywheel on a flat surface and use a straightedge to check for warpage.
  8. Clean and inspect the mating surfaces of the flywheel/driveplate and the crankshaft. If the crankshaft rear seal is leaking, replace it before reinstalling the flywheel/driveplate (see Section 16).
  9. Position the flywheel/driveplate against the crankshaft, installing the spacer if one was present originally. Be sure to align the mating marks made during removal. Note that some engines have an alignment dowel or staggered bolt holes to ensure correct installation. Before installing the bolts, apply thread locking compound to the threads.


(Refer to illustrations 7.2 and 7.4)

  1. Make sure that the ignition key is turned to OFF.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition control module (see illustration).
  3. Remove the ignition control module mounting screws.
  4. Remove the ignition control module and the "interconnect" (see illustration).
  5. If you're replacing the ignition control module, disconnect the interconnect form the module and plug it into the new module.

    The interconnect is an adapter plug that connects the terminals on the ignition control module to the terminals on the coil pack assembly. You'll have to swap it to the new module if you're replacing the old module.

    Either end of the interconnect can be plugged into the ignition control module or the ignition coil pack. But pay attention to how the plug is oriented in relation to the terminals because it only goes in one way. One side of the interconnect - and one side of the terminals on the ignition control module and on the ignition coil pack - has rounded corners and the other side has square corners.

    The interconnect is equipped with a weather-resistant grommet. Make sure that this grommet is in good shape. If it's cracked, torn, or deteriorated, replace it.

  6. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Subject: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Pontiac Pursuit service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 162092353X | ISBN-13: 9781620923535 | Chilton 28405

  • Publisher: Chilton Manuals
  • Pages: 416 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-62092-353-5
  • Years: 2005 - 2011
Table of Contents
TABLE of CONTENTS: Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting
  • Tune-up and routine maintenance
  • Engines: 2.0L, 2.2L, 2.4L
  • Engine and overhaul procedures
  • Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Engine electrical systems
  • Emissions control systems
  • 5-speed manual transaxle
  • 4-speed automatic transaxle
  • Driveline
  • Brakes, ABS
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Body
  • Chassis electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams
Questions & Answers about Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5 2003-2011 Repair Manual

Questions & Answers about Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5 2003-2011 Repair Manual

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This was the only place that I could find the 2010 model Cobalt coverage. Fast delivery at a reasonable price.
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Chevrolet Cobalt 2005-10, Chevrolet HHR 2006-11, Pontiac G5 2007-09 & Saturn ION 2003-2007, Pontiac Pursuit 2005-2006 Repair Manual
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