Chevy By The Numbers 1960-1964: Chevy V8 Drivetrain Casting Part Numbers


Chevy By The Numbers 1960-1964: Chevy V8 Drivetrain Casting Part Numbers

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Chevy By The Numbers 1960-1964: Chevy V8 Drivetrain Casting Part Numbers

MSRP: $39.95
Only $33.95
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Chevrolet by the Numbers: 1960-1964 is the guide of choice of restorers to help them identify the correct V8 drivetrain parts, by casting number, for Small- and W-Block engines. Avoid buying the wrong parts if you'd like to have a numbers-matching Chevy. Plus you will learn what parts to look for, why they are special, and what engine they belong to. Author Alan Colvin documented every casting number for every Chevy V8 engine and drivetrain part, from 1955 through 1975, with the help of original factory source material in Chevrolet's archives, including engineering blueprints, technical service bulletins (TSBs), and build sheets. In addition, Alan interviewed original parts manufacturers and engineers and brings you never-heard-before stories of parts development, from inside Chevrolet. This book covers all 1960-1964 passenger cars, including:
  • Chevy Biscayne
  • Chevy Bel Air
  • Chevy Impala
  • Chevy Chevy II
  • Chevy Chevelle
  • Chevy Corvette
Engines covered include the 283, 327, 348, 409, and 427 c.i.
Book Excerpt: Chevrolet By The Numbers 1960-1964: Chevy V8 Drivetrain Casting Part Numbers CONNECTING ROD IDENTIFICATION
INTRODUCTION The connecting rod in an internal combustion engine is probably the most critical part. The rod transfers all the explosive power created in the combustion chamber to the crankshaft. Most catastrophic engine failures result from a connecting rod failure of some sort. In an effort to reduce rod failures and warranty claims, Chevrolet produced many variations of the original design 265 connecting rod over the years. The changes were mostly in the type of metal and/or manufacturing processes used. The most common additional manufacturing steps used by the factory were shot-peening, magnafluxing, and heat-treating. In shot-peening the connecting rod is bombarded by cast iron shot or pellets. This increases the surface hardness of the rod and makes it more resistant to failure. In magnafluxing the rod is magnetized and fine iron dust is sprinkled over it. The iron dust is attracted by any imperfections or cracks, making them visible to the naked eye. In heat-treating the rod is heated to approximately 500 degrees for ten or more hours. This allows the connecting rod to relax any torisional stress or twisting that occurred during manufacturing. Almost all of Chevrolet's high performance connecting rods were subjected to all three of these procedures.

SAGINAW MAINCASE IDENTIFICATION The #3743368 maincase was used for most of the 1958 model year and for all applications through the 1963 model year. This maincase was manufactured without a drain plug as an attempt to improve overall cost savings. All maincases during these years were manufactured out of cast iron. The casting number for the 1964 3-speed maincase was changed to #3834197. Also worth noting here is the fact that beginning in 1960, all Chevrolet overdrive transmissions had their own specific casting number. Prior to 1960, the same 3-speed case was used on both the standard 3-speed and the overdrive maincase. The only difference between the two cases is that the overdrive case has two holes drilled into the rear of the case that are used to tie the case into the intermediate case and solenoid area.

If you absolutely want to know the original parts for your Chevrolet - not just what interchanges or fits, but the correct part that came with the car when it was built at the factory - Chevrolet by the Numbers: 1960-1964 has the answer. Subject: 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 Chevy Drivetrain Part Casting Numbers Reference Guide. ISBN-10: 0837609364 | ISBN-13: 9780837609362 | Bentley Part No. GC64 | GM Part No. 12365560
  • INTRODUCTION: Chevrolet Parts System | Matching Numbers | Checking a Car | Using this Book
  • VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION: Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) | Trim Tags | Model I.D. | Interior/Exterior Trim Combinations
  • ENGINE CODE: Engine Development | Engine Suffix Code Charts
  • ENGINE BLOCK: Decoding Stamping Numbers | Block Casting Numbers
  • CRANKSHAFT: Small Block Crankshafts | W-Block Crankshafts
  • CYLINDER HEADS: Identifying Features | Casting Numbers
  • CONNECTING RODS: Small Block Rods | W-Block Rods
  • PISTONS: Identification | Applications
  • CARBURETOR: Carter | Rochester
  • INTAKE MANIFOLD: Decoding Numbers | Casting Numbers
  • EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: Decoding Numbers | Casting Numbers
  • WATER PUMP: Small Block Pumps | W-Block Pumps
  • DISTRIBUTOR: Decoding Numbers | Applications | Vacuum Units
  • CAMSHAFT: Identifying Features | Identification Charts
  • ALTERNATOR: Date Coding | Application Charts
  • TRANSMISSION: Date Coding | Saginaw | Borg-Warner | Muncie | Powerglide | Turboglide | Application Charts
  • REAR AXLE/DIFFERENTIAL: Rear Axle Applications | Specifications | Axle Codes
  • WHEELS: Wheel Stampings | Applications
  • ROCHESTER FUEL INJECTION: History | Identification | Casting Numbers
  • APPENDIX 1: Oddball Muncie Casting Numbers | APPENDIX 2: The 1963 Z11 Option


  • Publisher: Bentley Publishers
  • Author: Alan L. Colvin
  • Pages: 300 - 788 b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8376-0936-2