Toyota Prius Hybrid Repair Manual 2001-2012

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Toyota Prius Haynes Repair Manual 2001-2012
Toyota Prius Haynes Repair Manual 2001-2012
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The Haynes 2001-2012 Toyota Prius Repair Manual, (Hybrid) models, provides complete do-it-yourself maintenance, service and repair information.

Note: This manual does not include info specific to Prius C, V or Plug-In models.

Book Excerpt: 2001-2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid Repair Manual



WARNING 1: Refer to Section 2 and follow all safety precautions before working on this system.

WARNING 2: Wait until the vehicle is completely cool before beginning this procedure.


  1. Refer to Chapter 6 and disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the auxiliary 12-volt battery. Be sure to perform the initialization procedure when reconnecting it.
  2. Remove the high-voltage safety plug (see Section 2). Be sure to wait at least five minutes before proceeding. Drain the coolant from the inverter/converter/transaxle cooling system (see Chapter 1).
  3. Disconnect the battery cable from the inverter/converter. Cover it with vinyl electrical tape.
  4. Remove the four small Torx-head screws from the cover.
  5. Remove the two larger Torx-head screws from the circuit breaker sensor and connector cover.
  6. Use a voltmeter to test for voltage between each pair of the three terminals and also between each terminal and a good ground. The meter must read approximately zero volts everywhere. If not, wait for the system to discharge further. When all points read zero volts, proceed.
  7. Remove the six bolts and disconnect the three cables for motor/generator #2.
  8. Remove the three bolts and the cable from motor/generator #1. You will remove the cable along with the inverter/converter later.
  9. Remove the bolt and the ground cable.
  10. Place rags around the inverter/converter to catch coolant. Disconnect the three coolant hoses from the assembly.


All models are equipped with rack-and-pinion steering. The steering gear operates the steering knuckles via tie-rods. The inner ends of the tie-rods are protected by rubber boots that should be inspected periodically for secure attachment, tears and leaking lubricant.

The power assist system is made up of an electric motor mounted to the steering gear on 2001 through 2003 models and higher on the steering shaft on later models.

The steering wheel operates the steering shaft, which actuates the steering gear through universal joints. Looseness in the steering can be caused by wear in the steering shaft universal joints, the steering gear, the tie-rod ends, or loose retaining bolts.

You can count on this Haynes 92081 repair manual to provide step wise based instructions so you can repair, service or perform a full tear down and rebuild of any system component on your Hybrid Prius. The Haynes editorial staff performs a complete dismantling and rebuild of the entire car to ensure that they capture and convey the steps in clear and concise language. All written repair and service steps include associated photos, diagrams, exploded views and illustrations to help the DIY'er fully understand what to do.

Subject: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid service, maintenance, and repair educational instruction. ISBN-10: 1620920662 | ISBN-13: 9781620920664 | Haynes 92081

  • Publisher: Haynes Manuals
  • Pages: 256 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-62092-066-4
  • Years: 2001 - 2012
Table of Contents
  • Introduction: Vehicle identification numbers; Buying parts; Maintenance techniques, Recall information, and more.
  • Tune-up and routine maintenance
  • Engine and overhaul procedures
  • Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Hybrid system
  • Emissions and engine electrical control systems
  • Transaxle
  • Driveaxles and transaxle input damper
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Body
  • Chassis electrical system
  • Wiring diagrams
Questions & Answers about Toyota Prius Haynes Repair Manual 2001-2012

Questions & Answers about Toyota Prius Haynes Repair Manual 2001-2012

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good only for small maintenance items like bulb and oil changing. no info on relays and electrical problems.
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verified customer
Toyota Prius Haynes Repair Manual
Excellent book, well detailed, and less expensive than in auto parts stores.

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verified customer
hard to find
Hard to find at Auto Zone or Advance, and if you can find it, cost much more than here, plus I got this REALLY FAST in the mail. Thanks so much!
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Toyota Prius Hybrid Repair Manual 2001-2012
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