Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007

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Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007
Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007
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The 1999-2007 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa repair manual by Clymer covers sportbike models indicated. The Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R features a liquid-cooled, four-valve, in-line four cylinder engine, with dual camshafts driven by a single cam chain.

Book Excerpt: 1999-2007 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual


  1. Remove the radiator as described in this chapter.
  2. Place a blanket or large towels on the workbench to protect the radiator.
  3. Remove the radiator fan mounting bolts (D, Figure 9), and lift the fan assembly from the radiator.
  4. Install by reversing the removal steps.
  1. Remove the fairing side panel from the left side (Chapter Fifteen).
  2. Disconnect the 2-pin radiator fan connector (A, Figure 4).
  3. Use jumpers to connect a 12-volt battery directly to the connector. Connect the positive radiator fan terminal to the blue terminal in the fan side of the connector; connect the battery negative terminal to the connector's black terminal (fan side).
  4. The fan should turn when power is directly applied to the fan.
  5. Connect an ammeter in line between the fan and the battery as shown in Figure 12. Measure the load current. It should not exceed the specification in Table 2.
  6. Replace the fan if it does not operate (Step 4) or if load current is excessive (Step 5).


Refer to Figure 60.

If the cylinder head is going to be inspected and / or serviced, remove the valve lifters and shims before removing the head. To avoid mixing up the parts, work with the lifters from one cylinder at a time and systematically perform the following procedure.


  1. Make a holder for the valve listers and shims. Identify it by the cylinder number and whether it is from the intake or exhaust side.

    The cylinders are numbered one through four from left to right. The No. 1 cylinder is on the left side (alternator side) of the motorcycle. The term left refers to a rider's point-of-view while seated on the seat facing forward.

  2. Remove a valve lifter (A, Figure 61) and then its shim (Figure 62) from the first cylinder. Place both of them in the correct location in the holder. Keep each shim together with its lifter.
  3. Remove the next valve lifter in the set (B, Figure 61) and its shim. Set them together in the correct location in the holder.

Subject: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 1599691485 | ISBN-13: 9781599691480 | Clymer M265

  • Publisher: Clymer Series / Haynes Manuals
  • Pages: 428 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 7 x 10.25 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59969-148-0
  • Years: 1999 - 2007
Table of Contents
  • General Information
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-up
  • Engine
  • Clutch and External Gearshift Linkage
  • Transmission and Internal Shift Mechanism
  • Fuel and Emission Systems
  • Exhaust System
  • Electrical System
  • Wheels, Tires and Drivetrain
  • Front Suspension and Steering
  • Rear Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Body and Frame
  • Wiring Diagrams
Questions & Answers about Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007

Questions & Answers about Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007

Is this similar to the Haynes manual with instructions on how to do all repairs on 2007 1300 hayabusa?

Ask a question about Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007.
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George verified customerJuly 15, 2018
Arrived in timely manner, not too pricy; very comprehensive. With this manual, I could completely rebuild the engine...with the proper tools.
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Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Repair Manual 1999-2007
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