Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition: Do-it-Yourself Maintenance & Repairs by Gary Bunzer


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Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition
Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition
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It has been said that when it comes to Recreational Vehicles - or RVs, for short - there are two types of maintenance: Preventive and Crisis. This manual covers preventive maintenance, so you can avoid having to deal with "crisis" maintenance issues while on the road.

Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook covers all types of preventative maintenance tasks with easy-to-follow instructions to make sure you get it right the first time. There's also troubleshooting and repair steps to take care of all the major systems found on your RV including plumbing, electrical, appliances and seasonal maintenance.

This do-it-yourself RV repair guide covers all brands and types of RVs. The generalized instructions are clarified with hundreds of photos and detailed illustrations to help you locate systems and components on your RV. The simplified instructions make maintaining your recreational vehicle easy and inexpensive. This fabulous guide is now out-of-print, so get yours before it's too late.

Book Excerpt

Not unlike any traditional financial banking institution, the conscientious RVer must make substantial deposits (of current) into the RV battery system in order to avoid becoming electrically bankrupt!

If you take out more than you put in, well, you can do the math and easily determine the result; for both financial bank as well as what we refer to as the RV ?battery bank?.

Every battery has a limit to just how much electrical current it can store at a full charge.

With the electrical demands of today?s recreation vehicle, oftentimes it?s necessary to add more batteries to the same system in order to store enough current to be able to satisfy the DC power requirements for that RV.

Anytime more than one battery is electrically connected to the same DC system, those batteries constitute the commonly used phrase, bank of batteries.

In fact, the vast majority of recreation vehicles will come equipped from the factory with at least two, 12-volt batteries wired in parallel to double the capacity to store current rather than a single battery in the same system.

In some cases, two 6-volt batteries are wired in series to provide double the capacity.


Though the two major RV water heater manufactures (Atwood and Suburban) utilize much of the same technology and methodology, each brand of water heater has some distinct variances in the order of operation.

What follows are sequences of operation for each manufacturer.

Both Atwood and Suburban start their sequences at the water heater switch located in the RV. This switch is equipped with a red lamp, commonly referred to as the "failure to ignite" lamp.

The sequence begins by turning on this switch. Typically the lamp will light immediately and then go out during the attempt to ignite the burner.

Once the burner ignites, the lamp stays extinguished. If it fails to ignite properly, or the flame blows out, the lamp is illuminated indicating a failure to the RVer.


  1. When water heater switch is activated, voltage is passed through thermostat.
  2. The normally closed thermostat passes the voltage onto a thermal cutoff.
  3. The thermal cutoff passes the voltage to the circuit board.
  4. Once the board is energized, ignition spark is produced and voltage is passes to the ECO switch.
  5. Voltage then passes through ECO to the gas valve, opening the valve.
  6. LP is passed through the valve into the burner where it is ignited by the spark from the circuit board.
  7. Once a flame is established, the flame sense circuit on the circuit board stops the sparking and the board keeps the gas valve open.
  8. Once the designated water temperature is reached the thermostat opens the circuit and power is stopped and the flame goes out.


Gary Bunzer has been active in the RV industry since 1968. Author of the popular question and answer column RV Doctor, he has been writing technical articles, service manuals and product installation instructions since the early 1970s.

Subject: Transportation: Travel: Recreational Vehicles: Service: RV do-it-yourself maintenance and repair manual. ISBN-10: 076275141X | ISBN-13: 9780762751419 | Woodall's DOHB4

  • Publisher: Woodall Publications
  • Author: Gary Bunzer
  • Pages: 344 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-7627-5141-9
Table of Contents
  • RV Types and Categories
  • Basic Interior and Exterior Care
  • Recommended Tools and Safety
  • 12-Volt DC Electrical Systems
  • 120-Volt AC Electrical System
  • Fresh Water Plumbing Systems
  • Waste Systems
  • Liquid Propane System
  • Range: Stovetop, Oven
  • Water Heater
  • Heating System
  • Absorption Refrigerator
  • Roof Air Conditioning
  • Hitches and Towing
  • Tow Braking
  • RV Tires
  • Synthetic Roofing Materials
  • Water Damage
  • Interior Repairs
  • Exterior Repairs
  • Winterizing and Storing the RV
  • Spring Shakedown
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Master Maintenance Schedule
Questions & Answers about Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition

Questions & Answers about Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition

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Christie verified customerOctober 3, 2015
great book for the new RVer
This book has all the information you need to operate and maintain all the systems in an RV. It is well written and easy to understand.
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john verified customerOctober 23, 2014
could have been better inre. pictures
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Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook 4th Edition: Do-it-Yourself Maintenance & Repairs by Gary Bunzer
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