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Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBookClick To Enlarge Product Image
Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBookRebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBook

Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBook

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The Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step Videobook by CarTech Books is the most respected source for DIY instructions, procedures and tips/tricks that you will need when rebuilding your small-block engine.

For over fifty years, the small-block Chevy has ruled the streets. And, literally millions of them are out there, powering everything from family cars to race cars, hot rods to pickup trucks, boats to muscle cars. The small-block Chevy is, without a doubt, the most popular engine ever built.

And when the time comes to rebuild your engine, this VideoBook provides all the information you'll need - in book and video form - to rebuild your small-block Chevy.

Note: this VideoBook covers 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 327, 350, and 400 cubic-inch small-blocks.

Among small block Chevy books, this one, which covers 350 Chevy rebuild steps and much more, is the most comprehensive that you will find. Packaged with a two-hour bonus DVD, this manual by Larry Atherton and Larry Schreib is 160 pages and includes more than 650 full-color photos and informative charts. Do-it-yourself car mechanics can find advice on how to keep an organized workspace, inspecting parts before you take them to the machine shop, how to select parts, all the things you should do at the machine shop and much more.

BONUS DVD INCLUDED (2 Hours) - read the back cover below for more details!!

Below: Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBook - Back Cover. Copyright CarTech. Rebuilding the Small-Block Chevy VideoBook - Back Cover

Subject: How to rebuild the small-block Chevy engine procedures and steps. ISBN-10: 1613251971 | ISBN-13: 9781613251973 | CarTech SA116

Rebuilding The Small-Block Chevy: Step-by-Step VideoBook


Acknowledgments | Introduction: What is a Workbench? Book?

Chapter 1: Before You Begin
The small-block family | Engine building tools | The workspace | Cleaning area | Engine handling | Air compressors | Do you need to rebuild? | Troubleshooting basics | System diagnostics

Chapter 2: Engine Disassembly
Keep an organized workspace | Tools and supplies needed | Safety first, always!

Chapter 3: Initial Parts Inspection
Inspecting parts before taking tham to the machine shop | What to do when your parts don't pass inspection

Chapter 4: Selecting Parts
Bearings | Camshaft drives | Cam bumpers and drive covers | Camshaft kits | Carburetors | Crankshaft and connecting rods | Cylinder heads | Distributors and ignitions | Exhaust manifolds | Oil system | Pistons and rings | Rocker arms and studs

Chapter 5: At the Machine Shop
Finding and dealing with a machine shop | Who's responsible? | Before you drop off parts | Cleaning and crack detection | Block machine work | Head machine work | Piston machine work | Piston rings | Rod machine work | Crankshaft and machine work | Engine balancing | Manifold machine work | Other nachine shop services | Picking up your parts | Things to do after you pick up your parts

Chapter 6: Component Cleaning
Tools and supplies | Important considerations | Precautions

Chapter 7: Pre-Assembly Fitting
Preparations and supplies | Precision tools | Special considerations | Final tips

Chapter 8: Final Assembly
Tools and supplies | Final assembly tips

Chapter 9: Break-In and Testing
Installing the engine

Appendix A: Workbench reference charts | Appendix B: Source guide

  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Larry Atherton, Larry Schreib
  • Pages: 160 - Over 650 color photos and charts
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches, DVD inside back cover
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-197-3
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    verified customer
    Nice stuff here Maynard.
    I'm an old fart who is putting this engine in my 60 Corvette and the thought of taking it out and putting it back in again has lost all charm, so I was interested in getting a 'Help' manual so I wouldn't make any stupid mistakes I seem to be so good at.
    This book filled the bill:
    Clear, concise, pictured instructions in an easy to read style, with numbered steps, that showed me much more than I knew before about rebuilding a small block. (This is my third)
    Only 2 problems I encountered were the DVD had some trouble running the last sixth on my computer. (works in the DVD player, might be a computer problem) and during the rebuild they didn't tell you to fill the bolt hole that you used to hold the fuel pump pushrod up with another bolt! Not doing this will make a BIG mess on your floor when you hit that starter.
    All in all an EXCELLENT book that will be extremely helpful when I get my block back from the machine shop. After it warms up here in Milwaukee.
    I am going to take it to my machine shop (C&S Performance) and suggest they try to sell a copy or two.-

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    verified customer
    Great book. I like the individualized sections for every item. Easy reading, and plain language.
    Still at the beginning of my project. Reading and rereading until it sinks in.
    Was this rating helpful to you?   👍 Yes    👎 No
    verified customer
    Excellent Book for Rebuild of 350 Short Blocks
    Excellent coverage on everything you need to know, on rebuild and specs
    Was this rating helpful to you?   👍 Yes    👎 No
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