How to Rebuild Ford 429/460 Engines: 385 Series / Lima Engines

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How to Rebuild Ford 429/460 Engines: 385 Series / Lima Engines

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How to Rebuild Ford 429/460 Engines: 385 Series / Lima Engines

MSRP: $34.95
Only $32.95
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The How to Rebuild 429 & 460 ci Ford Engines (385 Series / Lima Engines how-to book was written by Charles Morris and published by CarTech Books. This manual is a "Workbench series" style rebuild book which means that in addition to step by step instructions, it also provides tips and guidance on topics such as: optimal ratio selection, special tools, torque fasteners, critical inspections, precision measurements, money saving tips and much, much more.

Introduced in the late 1960s, the Ford 385 Series / Lima design replaced dated FE engines. Beginning in 1971, the 429 was available in Mustangs and Torinos.

In the late 1960s, the FE was phased out in favor of the then new 385 Series, also known as Lima Big-Blocks. The 429 cubic-inch version of the Lima quickly found its way into the engine bays of Mustangs and Torinos, with the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet iterations becoming some of the most powerful engines ever produced by Ford.

How to Rebuild 429 / 460 ci Ford Engines covers these wonderfull big-blocks in full detail and with more than 600 photos, which are a fantastic aid during the rebuild process.

Subject: How to rebuild Ford 385 Series / Lima big-block engines. ISBN-10: 161325492X | ISBN-13: 9781613254929 | CarTech SA162


What Is a Workbench Book?



Chapter 1: Determining the Need to Rebuild Your Engine

High Mileage 

Excessive Oil Consumption

Drop in Oil Pressure

Decrease in Performance

Engine Noise 

Piston Slap

Bearing Noise 

Diagnostic Tools and Steps


Chapter 2: Preparation and Removal



Tools Required

Machine Shop Services 

Part Sources 

Pulling the Engine 


Chapter 3: Engine Disassembly


Chapter 4: Inspection and Parts Cleaning 


Chapter 5: Machining and Parts Selection

Replacement and Performance Parts 

Cylinder Block

Machining the Block

Crankshaft, Pistons, and Connecting Rods

Balancing the Rotating Assembly

Installing Pistons on Connecting Rods

Refurbishing the Cylinder Heads

Assembling the Cylinder Heads


Chapter 6: Assembly

Before You Begin 

Preparing the Block for Assembly

Core and Freeze Plugs

Camshaft Installation

Main Bearing Inserts

Rear Main Oil Seal

Main Bearing Caps

Checking Crankshaft Endplay

Piston Rings

Installing the Rings onto the Pistons

Installing the Rods and Pistons 

Torque the Connecting Rod Bolts

Checking Rod Side Clearance

Timing Chain and Gears

Timing Chain Cover, Vibration Damper, and Water Pump

Oil Pump and Oil Pan

Installing the Cylinder Heads

Valvetrain: Lifters, Pushrods, and Rocker Arms

Intake Manifold 


Chapter 7: The Boss 429

A Little History

Three Versions and a New (Unofficial) Name

Building a Boss 429 for the 21st Century


Chapter 8: 335-Series (351-ci Cleveland)


A Little History

351M and 400

335-Series Parts Interchangeability

351 C Performance Cylinder Heads 


Chapter 9: Engine Installation, Start-Up and Break-In






Source Guide 


  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Charles Morris
  • Pages: 144 - 600 Color photos
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-492-9