How to Build Cobra Kit Cars


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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars
How to Build Cobra Kit Cars
How to Build Cobra Kit Cars
How to Build Cobra Kit Cars
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The original Shelby Cobra was a beautiful V8-powered roadster that, after winning countless races around the world, became an automotive world icon.

In How to Build Cobra Kit Cars, author D. Brian Smith, uses words and color photos to show you every important step in assembling a modern Cobra replica kit car, in this case, a Factory Five Cobra Mk4. One of the most popular Cobra kits available.

Starting with kit selection to budget, your performance goals, and the best engine/transmission combo, everything is explained in detail.

But most importantly, step-by-step instructions accompanied by close-up color photos, show you how to assemble each major component, so your car is a strong-running, reliable and safe Cobra replica.

But, if you're planning on buying a pre-owned Cobra replica, the book also shows you how to properly inspect and evaluate the vehile, down to the test drive.

Book Excerpt: How to Build Cobra Kit Cars


Most people know whether or not they have the do-it-yourself gene. If you're the sort of homeowner who always has ongoing home improvement projects, whether or not your spouse spurs you into action, you probably have it.

If you're the sort who takes pride in getting your hands dirty and getting the job done and if you'd rather remodel your own kitchen, wash and wax your own cars, build the best science project with your kids, perform a brake job on your autos... if you have done or do any of these things, you could be a great candidate for assembling your own Cobra replica.

It's great that you're good with your hands, you're creative, and you have the MacGyver sort of ingenuity to tackle such an immense undertaking. But, building a rolling, running work of art isn't for everyone.

If you'd rather take your Cobra cruising with other enthusiasts, participate in car shows, or race your replica on the track than meticulously build your car from scratch for months and months in your garage, you may be better suited to finding a pre-owned replica to purchase.

There's nothing to be ashamed about realizing that you'd rather be enjoying your replica by driving and racing it than putting it together. Think of this chapter as your map to Cobra replica ownership.

Throughout the chapter, I provide photos of the various replica manufacturers' finished vehicles, some of which were purchased pre-owned and others that are still owned by their original builders/owners.

In all cases, these cars have been superlatively and painstakingly constructed. Every one of these Cobras would be show-winning vehicles at almost any car show across the land, yet many of them are driven quite often and also see extensive track time.

Subject: Step-by-step assembly procedures for Cobra replica kit cars. ISBN-10: 1613253877 | ISBN-13: 9781613253878 | CarTech SA202P

  • Publisher: Cartech Books
  • Author: D. Brian Smith
  • Pages: 176 - Hundreds of b&w photos
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-387-8
Table of Contents
  • Choosing a Kit
  • Buying a Pre-Owned Cobra Replica
  • Build Options for Cobra Kit Cars
  • Building Your Cobra on Time and on Budget
  • Organization and Preparation
  • Chassis, Suspension and Brakes
  • Rear Suspension and Differential
  • Pedal Box, Steerign Shaft and Steering Rack
  • Fuel System, Brakes and Footbox
  • The Engine
  • Drivetrain and Cooling System
  • Electrical System
  • Miscellaneous Parts
  • Body Fitment and Paint
  • Interior and Windshield
  • Final Fitment
  • The Test Drive
  • A Guide to Cobra Kit Car Manufacturers
  • Source Guide
Questions & Answers about How to Build Cobra Kit Cars

Questions & Answers about How to Build Cobra Kit Cars

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Rich Deuter verified customerFebruary 26, 2020
How to build Cobra Kit Cars
Purchasing a Cobra kit car can be a somewhat scary experience. There are many companies that build them and trying to figure out which company to go in itself is a monumental task. This book can remove alot of the angst associated with building your dream car.
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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars
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