Ford Y-Block Engines: How-to Rebuild and Modify


Ford Y-Block Engines: How-to Rebuild and Modify

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Ford Y-Block Engines: How-to Rebuild and Modify

Only $34.95
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The Ford Y-Block Engines: How to Rebuild and Modify manual provides step-by-step disassembly and assembly instructions/procedures. It will guide you in the rebuild of your Y-Block engine. It also provides how-to instructions to help you build your Y-Block engine for max performance. The SA257 book includes a valuable section on machining and parts selection.

It has been over two decades since anyone wrote a book on the Ford Y-block engine, let alone how-to rebuild Ford Y-block engines. This hasn't been because there was no interest. Enthusiasts have supported the robust and powerful engine throughout this period, doing their best to maintain performance with what limited information was available.

That problem has been rectified. Ford Y-Block Engines: How to Rebuild and Modify is an authoritative, easy to follow guide for rebuilding the Y-block and maintain high performance. It's an invaluable resource for understanding intrinsic oiling issues of the unique flathead and the layout assembly for which the engine is named. You no longer need to concern yourself with finding the best ways to build a strong and reliable Y-block. You can now have a book on the shelf that covers everything you will ever need to know.


Ford Y-Block Engines: How to Rebuild and Modify arrives as the engine is seeing greatly renewed interest. From enthusiasts to seasoned mechanics, projects with the Y-block engine are growing and a guide like this can help. It's an exemplary resource that promises to maximize performance with step-by-step guides, explanatory text, detailed captions and hundreds of black and white photographs. You will learn about the Y-block's distinct features and how-to rebuild Ford Y-block engines in the most cost effective manners.

The book starts with engine evaluation. There's identifying the decrease in performance, compression checks, cooling system pressure testing and more. Chapter 3 is devoted to outlining your plan for rebuilding the engine, including an analysis of why you would even consider rebuilding. The book illustrates ways to disassemble, assemble and install. There's thorough information about pulling the engine and machining. No aspect of how-to rebuild Ford Y-block engines is left to chance. Organized to ensure efficiency, this guide will ensure your Y-block project is a seamless success.

The Author

Auto enthusiast Charles Morris is a Ford aficionado, writing numerous articles for the manufacturer's car magazines. The owner of several classic Ford models, including an original Norristown Ford 1963-1/2 Lightweight Galaxie, he has applied his own experiences rebuilding Ford Y-block engines to Ford Y-Block Engines: How to Rebuild and Modify.

Drag racing since the mid-1960s, the author specializes in both Stock and Super Stock car run classes. He uses that Norristown Ford to compete in the 422 Motorsports Drag Racing Team. An inductee in the USA 1 Nostalgia Dragfest Hall of Fame, Morris is also the author of How to Rebuild Big-Block Ford Engines, Total Performers: Ford Drag Racing 1960s and Factory Lightweights.

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Subject: Ford Y Block Engines: How-to rebuild and modify for max performance procedures. ISBN-10: 1613254725 | ISBN-13: 9781613254721 | CarTech Books SA257P


  • Publisher: CarTech Books
  • Author: Charles Morris
  • Pages: 136 - 417 B&W photos and charts
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-61325-472-1