Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Repair Manuals

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Car Repair & Service Manuals

2002 Ford Mustang

Repairing, servicing, or maintaining your Ford automobile does not have to be a mystery, especially if you have a Haynes or Chilton guide by your side.

These manuals offer clear, step-by-step instructions for most of the jobs you can perform in your garage. There are plenty of exploded diagrams, wiring schematics and troubleshooting charts that will guide you in making those repairs.

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Ford and Lincoln - from Fleet Cars to Luxury Models

Gas prices are rising, so you'll want your Ford or Lincoln to be in top shape. Haynes and Chilton manuals explain how to do simple tasks that will help with fuel efficiency, like replacing the fuel filter, air filter or even the PCV valve. You'll find a Lincoln repair manual or Ford repair manual for cars dating back to the 1960s.

In addition, the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), Mass air flow Sensor (MAF), Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT), the Power Steering Sensor (PSP) and more, are all covered in detail for the do-it-yourselfer with an OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Code scanner.

Need to replace the brakes? Pictures and step-by-step instructions guide you in your work. All major components (except transmissions, in some guides) are all covered by the repair manuals: Engine repair, Tune-up procedures, Cooling and Heating, Air Conditioning, Ignition, Exhaust, Suspension and Steering, Emissions Controls, Fuel and Exhaust, Electrical Systems and Wiring Diagrams. If you want to tackle tranny repair, select a book specific to Ford transmissions.

Perhaps you have a project Ford or Lincoln and you need help locating parts wish to purchase a Mustang idea book, or need to verify VIN tags, date codes, casting numbers, exterior paint codes, and interior trim codes. Browse through our selection of automotive restoration guides for your make and model car.

Factory manuals for classic cars and vintage cars are also available from The Motor Bookstore. Whatever your project, we can help you select the right manual. Just call or email us. Real people are ready to assist you in your selection.