Mustang Service Manuals: Haynes, Chilton, Factory, Plus Restoration Guides, Owner's Manuals, etc.

Mustang Standard, Mach I, Mustang II, Shelby, Cobra, GT350, GT500. Discover the best repair manuals, service manuals and restoration guides for Mustang models like the Mach I, Cobra, GT350 and many others. Whether you're maintaining a Ford Mustang, performing a repair or restoring the vehicle from the ground up, you'll appreciate the step-by-step instructions, detailed photographs and expert guidance contained in these high-quality Mustang service manuals and how-to guides. You'll also find shop manual supplements, wiring diagrams, performance guides, buyer's guides, owner's manuals and more. Are you looking for a 1965 Mustang Coupe repair manual or an owner's manual for a 1968 Shelba Cobra? The Motor Bookstore is your premiere source! A fully comprehensive restoration guide or Mustang maintenance manual from leading publishers like Haynes, Chilton, Plus Restoration Guides and Motorbooks Workshop is invaluable for do-it-yourself owners and professionals alike. A DIY weekend mechanic will appreciate the detailed instructions, while a seasoned Mustang mechanic can use the many helpful tips and shortcuts to make projects run more smoothly. These are great publications to keep on hand at the shop for reference.
Want a CD-ROM? Several classic Ford Mustang factory service manuals are available on CD.

Mustang Parts Interchange (Fox Body): 1979-1993

Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1973: How to Build and Modify

Weekend Projects for Your 2005-2010 Mustang

Ford Mustang Haynes Repair Manual 2005-2014

Ford Mustang Online Service Manual, 2005-2014

Ford Mustang Repair Manual 2005-2014

Ford Mustang Haynes Repair Manual 1994-2004

Ford Mustang Online Service Manual, 1994-2004

Ford Mustang Repair Manual 1994-2004

Ford Mustang (1979-1993) / Mercury Capri (1979-1986) Repair Manual

Ford Mustang , Mercury Capri Repair Manual 1979-1993

Ford Mustang / Mercury Capri Online Service Manual, 1979-1993

Ford Mustang V8 Repair Manual 1964½-1973

1969 Shelby GT350, GT500 Shop Manual Supplement

1962-1966 Ford High Performance Guide: Fundamentals and Performance Products Offered by Ford

Mustang Wiring Diagrams Factory Manual 1964-1973

1964½ Mustang Shop Manual Supplement

Mustang Collector's Originality Guide 1964½-1966

How to Restore Your Mustang 1964 1/2-1973

Cars & Parts Catalog of Mustang ID Numbers 1964½-1993

1971 Mustang Operating Features

1970 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1969 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1968 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1967 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1966 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1965 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1964 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

1970 Shelby GT350, GT500 Owner's Manual

1969 Shelby GT350, GT500 Owner's Manual

1968 Shelby Cobra GT350, GT500 Owner's Manual

1967 Shelby GT350, GT500 Owner's Manual

1966 Shelby GT350 Owner's Manual

1965 Shelby GT350 Owner's Manual

1970 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

1969 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

1968 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

1968 Mustang GT/CS California Special Sales Brochure

1967 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

1966 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

1965 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

Mustang 1964½-1973 Restoration Guide

Mustang 5.0 Tech Reference and Performance Handbook

2002 Ford Mustang

Above: Matt Andrews' 2002 Ford Mustang V6 5-speed, with Roush upgraded springs and 2003 Cobra wheels. Matt writes: "The plan is to do a V8 swap eventually using the book(s) that I have purchased from The Motor Bookstore. The idea on paper--at least--is to do a 5.4L truck motor swap, but that could change to the less complicated 4.6L." Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada.