Firebird Sales Brochures

Pontiac Firebird Sales Brochures: Standard, Esprit, Formula, Trans Am - 1973-1974

Want to see exactly how your '73 or '74 Pontiac Firebird looked when it rolled off the assembly line over 40 years ago? You'll love these collectible Pontiac Firebird sales brochures from 1973 and 1974. Each manual is exactly reprinted to honor the original sales brochure that would have been printed at the time, with colorful photos and detailed information produced by Pontiac Motors Division. Perfect for car shows and to complete your model's reference library, these Firebird sales brochures are affordable at The Motor Bookstore.

The 1973 and 1974 Pontiac Firebird Sales Brochure reprints cover all Firebird models, including Standard, Esprit, Formula and Trans-Am, and are printed in full color to give you an exact idea of precise factory paint colors, finishes and more. The Motor Bookstore always recommends Pontiac Firebird brochures for people looking for gifts for Firebird restorers and old car enthusiasts. Check out our Pontiac Factory Manuals for more collectible Firebird references and guides.