Differentials: Identification, Restoration, Repair 2nd Edition

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Differentials: Identification, Restoration, Repair 2nd Edition

SKU: RPS-26617
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Differentials: Identification, Restoration, Repair 2nd Edition

MSRP: $37.44
Only $32.95
free shipping (US48)

in stock

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Differentials - Identification, Restoration & Repair (2nd EDITION)

For some reason, people are often quite courageous about getting their hands dirty when it comes to engine modifications and repairs, but they hesitate when the project turns to working on differentials. Perhaps they just don't have the necessary information. As usual, the more you know about a subject, the better off you are. That's why, when it comes to diffs, you definitely need this book: Differentials - Identification, Restoration & Repair. It contains almost 400 pages of extraordinary details which have been assembled from the experts. It also includes over 500 high-quality black and white photographs. With the correct information and clear instructions (and all of that is right here), you can do this! Save yourself time and money, and experience the grand satisfaction of doing it yourself.

This useful book was written by Randy Lyman and Jim Allen. Randy is the CEO of Randy's Ring & Pinion. He has been working on differentials since 1979 and has built over 2,250 differentials with his own hands. His background includes Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy and a degree in Physics. His expertise makes this book a vital resource for the do-it-yourselfers. Jim Allen was a tugboat operator for the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War where he served as a marine engineer. Jim is also an ASE certified Master Tech and has worked on many different makes and models of vehicles for a number of years. In 1993, he went full time into the magazine business. Allen has authored nearly 1,500 magazine articles and this is his seventh published book. As you can see, the extensive engineering and mechanic knowledge of these men, combined with professional writing skills make this book a winner.

Even if you are still uncomfortable about actually digging in with your own hands to do the work, this guide is loaded with superior information to help you choose the right pieces for your project. It examines their origins, strengths and weaknesses and the processes involved in doing the jobs right.

When it comes to the powertrain of cars and trucks, engines are often the item you'll find in the spotlight. Transmissions aren't far behind, but the differential is the quiet hero of this group. If you understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link (and all of that horsepower has to get all the way from the engine to the pavement, or off-road trail, or whatever terrain you are attempting to traverse) you'll realize just how important it is to consider all of the details of your differential. For applications involving vehicles used for such activities as drag racing and off-roading, this especially holds true.

What does this book tell you? Well, chapter one gets things going by taking you through an education on all of the components and how they work. It sets the stage for the rest of the book, which is a fantastic assembly of specifications, recommendations and directions.

Chapter two is truly a vast and wonderful resource. It's called the "Axle Encyclopedia". This is an invaluable guide to factory axles, identification and codes. You'll discover this helpful section breaks down specific axles and details such items as: manufacturer, other names common to the unit, applications (this will help you know which factory unit you have and offer assistance with interchange opportunities). You'll also find a comments section for each, with observations and details from the experts. Next is a tremendously handy table which breaks down construction specifications AND rebuilding specifications! It concludes with excellent general information, and details about such things as lockers and limited slips and aftermarket options. Depending on the unit, you'll find even more items such as formulas for success, major variations, general strength and more. Please take a look at the numerous axles covered in the area below. You'll find almost 50 different listings in the axle encyclopedia and close to 150 pages.

Chapter three goes on to cover "building blocks", which includes such topics as tools, work environment, shop supplies, ordering parts, breaking in parts, bearings, seals and other helpful instructions. Chapter four addresses light repairs, while chapter five covers the major repairs. In chapter six, you'll receive an education with a class in "modifications 101". That's right. This book isn't only about factory components. You'll find over 50 pages of modification information. Hang on. It gets better. Chapter seven is named "upgrade potpourri" and it contains exactly what it says. Just when you thought this book was finished, it puts a big load of icing on the cake by adding appendix 1, which is a glossary, or "gearhead dictionary" and appendix 2, which is a series of helpful formulas.

Having the right differential equipment is majorly important for maximizing the enjoyment, performance, economy, etc. of your vehicle. Once you use this book to determine your requirements and options, you'll be on the road to success.

What's the big deal with differentials? Well, gear ratios are a balance between acceleration and top end, and the components which are used to make up the differential also play a big role in things such as mileage and durability. Think about it this way. It's simple to build a go-kart with a solid rod for an axle and a wheel on each end. The trouble is, when you scale it up to real car and truck levels that set-up really only works well in a straight line. When you go around corners, the outer wheel has to cover more ground, so you need the vehicle to be able to allow the wheels to turn at different speeds. Fortunately, super-smart engineers have figured out fancy ways to do this, and, yet still offer you great options for using both wheels to put down the power.

The detective work and math has already been done for you. It's in this book! You will be astonished at the amount of information contained in this guide.


  • AAM 9.25, AAM 10.50 (new style), AAM 11.50 Rear, AMC-20 Rear
  • Chrysler 7.9 IFS, Chrysler 8.0 IFS, Chrysler 7.25 IFS, Chrysler 7.25 Rear, Chrysler 300, Chrysler 8.25 / 8.375 Rear, Chrysler 9.25 Rear, Chrysler 8.75, Chrysler 9.63 Dropout
  • Dana Spicer 28TTB / 35 TTB / 35 IFS, Dana Spicer 25 /27 / 30 Front, Dana Spicer 30 IFS, Dana Spicer 44 Front, Beam & TTB, Dana Spicer 50 Beam & TTB
  • Dana Spicer 60, Dana Spicer 70 Front, Dana Spicer 23, 27 and 30 Rear, Dana Spicer 35/AMC-15 Rear, Dana Spicer 36 ICA Rear, Dana 44 ICA Rear, Dana Spicer 41, 44 and 45 Rear
  • Dana Spicer 53, Dana Spicer 60, Dana Spicer 61 Rear, Dana Spicer 70 Rear, Dana Spicer 80 Rear, Dana S110 & S135
  • Ford 7.5, Ford 8.8, Ford 8.0/9.0/9.38 Dropout, Ford 9.75/10.25/10.50
  • GM 7.25/8.25/9.25 IFS, GM 8.5 Front, GM 7.5/7.63/8.0, GM 7.6 IRS & 8.6 IRS, GM 8.40 Rear Dropout, GM 8.2/8.5/8.6 Rear, GM 8.875 Car/Truck Rear
  • GM 9.375 Rear Dropout, GM 9.5 Rear, GM H-052, H-072 Rear Dropouts, GM 10.50 Rear
  • Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac 8.2, 8.5, 9.30
  • Samurai/Sidekick 6.90 Front/Rear Dropout
  • Toyota 9.5 Landcruiser Dropout Front and Rear, Toyota 7.5 IFS, 8.0 and 8.25-inch Dropouts, Front and Rear, Toyota Clamshell 8" Front, Toyota 9.5 and 10.5 Rear

  • AMC Car Models: 1962 - 1987
  • Chevrolet Car & Truck Models: 1946 - Present
  • Chrysler Car Models: 1957 - 2011
  • Dodge Car & Truck Models: 1946 - Present
  • Ford Car & Truck Models: 1948 - Present
  • GMC Models: 1956 - Present
  • Honda Models: 1994 - 2002
  • Hummer Models: 1992 - Present
  • Isuzu Models: 1991 - Present
  • Jaguar Models: 1960 - 1997
  • International Harvester Models: 1953 - 1980
  • Jeep / Willys Models: 1941 - Present
  • Lincoln Models: 1950 - Present
  • Mercury Models: 1949 - 1986
  • Packard Models: 1957 - 1958
  • Plymouth Models: 1957 - 1993
  • Samurai/Sidekick: 1986 - 2004
  • Studebaker Models: 1939 - 1964
  • Sunbeam Models: 1964 - 1967
  • Toyota Models: 1958 - Present
  • Volvo Models: 1953 - 1975


REFER to the TABLE OF CONTENTS tab for details about the contents in this book.

Subject: Transportation: Automotive: Driveline Systems: Differential identification, restoration and repair. ISBN-10: 1424326613 | ISBN-13: 9781424326617 | Randy's Ring & Pinion 26617

External Links: Differential (mechanical device) from Wikipedia. Randy's Ring & Pinion official website.


What is a Drive Axle? | Understanding Gearing | What've I Got? (Determining Axle Ratios) | The Flow of Torque and Differential Operation | Construction Details and Types | Axle Capacity | Semi-Float vs Full-Float | Axle Bearing Types | Axle Shaft Types | Integral vs Removable Carriers | Front Axles | Independent Suspension Drive Axles | Housing Construction Details | Axle Shaft Construction Details | Ring and Pinion Construction Details | Differential Construction Details | Common Steel Groups for Axles | Metal Treatments | In the Beggining... | Early Differentials | Early Axle Designs | Early Lockers and Limited Slips


The OE Axle | The Aftermarket Axle | Axle Identification by the Numbers | Determining Axle Ratios and Traction Aids | When All Else Fails | Chrysler Codes | Dana Codes | Ford Codes | GM Codes | Jeep/AMC Codes | Toyota Codes

Axle Encyclopedia
  • AAM 9.25
  • AAM 10.50 (new style)/11.50 Rear
  • AMC-20 Rear
  • Chrysler 7.9/8.0 IFS
  • Chrysler 7.25 IFS, Chrysler 7.25 Rear
  • Chrysler 8.25/8.375 Rear, Chrysler 9.25 Rear
  • Chrysler 8.75
  • Chrysler 9.63 Dropout
  • Dana 28TTB/35 TTB/35 IFS
  • Dana 25/27/30 Front, Dana 30 IFS
  • Dana 44 Front, Beam & TTB
  • Dana 50 Beam & TTB
  • Dana 60, Dana 70 Front
  • Dana 23, 27 and 30 Rear
  • Dana 35/AMC-15 Rear
  • Dana 36 ICA Rear/Dana 44 ICA Rear
  • Dana 41, 44 and 45 Rear
  • Dana 53/Dana 60/Dana 61 Rear
  • Dana 70 Rear
  • Dana 80 Rear
  • Ford 7.5
  • Ford 8.8
  • Ford 8.0/9.0/9.38 Dropout
  • Ford 9.75/10.25/10.50
  • GM 7.25/8.25/9.25 IFS
  • GM 8.5 Front
  • GM 6.5/7.5/7.63/8.0
  • GM 8.40 Rear Dropout
  • GM 8.2/8.5/8.6 Rear
  • GM 8.875 Car/Truck Rear
  • GM 9.375 Rear Dropout
  • GM 9.5 Rear
  • GM H-052, H-072 Rear Dropouts
  • GM 10.50 Rear
  • Buick, Olds, Pontiac 8.2, 8.5, 9.30
  • Samurai/Sidekick 6.90 Front/Rear Dropout
  • Toyota 9.5 Dropout Front and Rear
  • Toyota 7.5 IFS, 8.0 and 8.25-inch Dropouts, Front and Rear


Tools | The Right Tools | Work Environment | Safety | Cleanliness | Light | Reasonable Comfort | Shop Supplies | Cleaning Materials | Cleaning Standards | Lubricants | Gear Oil Grades | Thread Lockers | Sealants | Nuts and Bolts | Ordering Parts | Break-In of New Parts | Bearings | Bearing Anatomy | Bearing Preload | Bearing Maintenance | Removing and Replacing Bearings | Bearing Inspection | Bearing Adjustments | Seals | Seal Anatomy | Basic Seal Inspection | 10 Steps to Successful Seal Installation


Seals & Related Repairs | Replacing Pinion Seal and/or Pinion Yoke | Sealing a Diff Cover | Installing a Speedi-Sleeve | Front Axle Repairs and Service | Knuckle Repair: Closed Knuckle Axles | Knuckle Repair: Open Knuckle Axles | Replacing an Axle U-Joint | Autopsy: Inspecting Front Axle Shafts and U-Joints | Repacking Front Wheel Bearings | Locking Hub R&R | Live Spindle Axle & Bearing R&R | Axle Shafts, Bearings & Seals | C-Clip Axle | Pressed Bearing Flanged Axle | Full-Float Axle | Pressed Bearing Tapered Axle | Packing a Pressed Axle Bearing | Chrysler Adjustable Wheel Bearing Axles


Major Repairs | What to Replace? | Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection | The Bad and the Ugly | Disassembly | Cleaning | Ring, Pinion and Carrier Operations | Differential Repair | Using the Randy's Ring & Pinion Bearing Removal Tool | Ring & Pinion Replacement | Pinion Installation | Using a Pinion Depth Tool | Measuring Pinion Bearing Preload | Carrier Assembly | Using Randy's Ring & Pinion Case Spreader | Common Carrier Bearing Preload Shim Thicknesses | Reading and Adjusting the Ring & Pinion Tooth Pattern | Acceptable Patterns | Pinion is Too Close | Pinion is Too Far Away | Using a Dial Indicator | IFS Front Diffs | GM 8.25


Why Modify? | Preplanning Modifications | Gearing | Gearing for Acceleration Performance | Acceleration vs Freeway Cruising | Gearing for Top Speed | Gearing for Towing Performance | Choosing a Towing Ratio | Gearing for 4x4/Trail Performance | Gearing for Economy | Building for Strength | Torque Capacity | Anatomy of a Strong Axle Shaft | Load Capacity | Street Performance Axle Buildup Tips | Axle Shaft Strength Chart | U-Joints 101 | Four Wheeling Axle Buildup Tips | 4x4 Front Axle Tips, Solid Axles | Super Strength U-Joints | 4x4 Front Axle Tips, IFS Axles | 4x4 Front Axle Tips, TTB Axles | Performance Traction | Limited Slips | Plate Clutch Type Limited Slip | Cone Clutch Type Limited Slips | Gear Type Limited Slips | Limited Slip Characteristics Evaluation | Lockers | Automatic Lockers | On-Demand Lockers | Spools: Applications, Traction, Strength and Manners Rating | Traction Aid Evaluations | Tractech: Detroit Locker, Truetrac, E-Z Locker, Electrac | Auburn: High Performance Series, Pro Series, ECTED | ARB: ARB Air Locker | Power Trax: Lock Right Locker, No Slip Locker | Eaton: Eaton Posi (New Generation), Eaton E-Locker | Dana: Powr-Lok Limited Slip, Trac-Lok Limited Slip | Ford/Visteon: Traction Lok | Torsen: T-1 | Ox Brand: Ox Locker | Yukon Gear: DuraGrip | DuraGrip TL, Yukon Performance Powr-Lok | Other Lockers/Limited Slips: KAM Differentials Limited, Quaiffe, Indianapolis Custom Products | Stuff You Might Not Have Thought About


Traction Aid Overhaul and Upgrade | Checking Limited Slip Operation: Dana Powr-Lok Overhaul/Upgrade, Dana Trac-Lok Overhaul/Upgrade, Eaton Posi Overhaul/Upgrade, Ford Traction-Lok and Yukon DuraGrip T/L Overhaul | Locker and Limited Slip Installation: ARB Air Locker, Power Trax Lock Right Installation, Full Spool Installation, Mini-Spool Installation | A Selection of Improvements: Cover Girdle, Crush Sleeve Eliminator, AMC-20 One-Piece Axle, Yukon Super Joints | Axle Swapping Tips | Grinding and Deburring | Speedometer Correction

Appendix 1: Glossary (Gearhead Dictionary) | Appendix 2: Formulas
Sample Page:
Below: Differentials: Identification, Restoration & Repair Sample Page - Full-Float Axle Disassembly
Differentials: Identification, Restoration & Repair Sample Page - Full-Float Axle Disassembly


  • Publisher: Ring & Pinion Services
  • Author: Jim Allen,Randy Lyman
  • Pages: 394 - Over 500 b&w photos
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.25 x 10.75 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-4243-2661-7