Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Repair Manuals

Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Repair Manuals: Maintenance, Service, Repair by Haynes & Chilton

Repair Manuals for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars.

Repair Manuals for Dodge pickup trucks and SUVs.

Repair Manuals for Chrysler and Dodge mini-vans and full-size vans.

Whether you're restoring a vintage Dodge Dart or servicing a late-model Chrysler Sebring, these Haynes and Chilton repair manuals will quickly become your best friends. With their step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, photos and helpful tips, these low-cost manuals will help make what might otherwise be a frustrating and timely process run more smoothly. Doing your own maintenance and repair saves a lot of money, and even if you have a professional mechanic take care of certain procedures, understanding the process will help you get more efficient work and minimize the chance of unnecessary costs.

Expert mechanics will also appreciate these Plymouth, Chrysler and Dodge repair manuals for their knowledgeable tips and shortcuts, enhancing shop productivity and boosting profits. Keep a selection of these how-to repair guides on hand for the models you work on most often. You'll find repair manuals for the Dodge Intrepid; Chrysler LHS and Sebring, New Yorker and Concorde; Dodge Charger; Plymouth Neon, Acclaim, Volare and much more.