Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Repair Manuals

Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Car Repair Manuals

You want to start doing some repairs or maintenance on your Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth? Then begin with a repair manual by Haynes or Chilton purchased from us at The Motor Bookstore. Targeted for the do-it-yourself mechanic, you'll find valuable information and step-by-step instructions for repairing, servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Check out our great selection for most Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth models, and save money with our discount prices. Also Available:
Dodge Factory Service Manuals, 1941-on
Chrysler | Dodge | Plymouth Repair Manuals on CD, 1936-1979
Plymouth Barracuda ('Cuda) Owner's Manuals, 1968-1974

What was Old is New... Again

The Mopar muscle cars of the 60s and 70s were every teenagers' dream cars: Barracuda, Charger, Challenger. If you didn't have one then, maybe you have one now. And if you do, you want to keep it in top running condition.

Many repair and servicing tasks can be completed right at home in your garage, with a few tools and a good reference. Keep your Chilton or Haynes manual handy for those do-it-yourself projects, from something as basic as an oil change to a major project involving engine or transmission disassembly, repair and reassembly.

Then there's the exciting, "fun to drive around in" PT Cruiser. Or the Neon, a basic car for everyone. They all need maintenance, and sometimes a mechanical part wears out and you need to change a headlamp or troubleshoot a sluggish engine. You'll find step-by-step guidance on those jobs and much more in the Chilton or Haynes repair manual for your Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth vehicle.

If you have an older Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth, you may also want to take a look at the manuals we sell on CD-ROM for these vehicles.

1969 Dodge Charger - Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee replica

1969 Dodge Charger - Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee replica

Above: John Stanton's 1969 Dodge Charger "Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee" replica. John spent 10 years working on his car. He took measurements off one of the original cars from the show and reproduced the car to a T... all the way down to the colors, original bumper, numbers, etc., and even had the original actors sign the glove compartment! This car has won first place in every car show entered in the area. Brookfield, MA.