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Dodge Factory Manuals

Explore service manuals printed at the same time your car rolled out of the factory with our great selection of Dodge factory service manuals. This collection includes manuals for Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler vehicles from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Whether you want to look at wiring diagrams from the Plymouth P15 or restore your Belvedere from the ground up, our Dodge library includes the right Dodge factory service manual for your exact restoration goals.

These are high-quality, brand new items with clear images. Manuals cover vehicle assembly, repair, service and maintenance and are absolutely perfect as a gift for your favorite grease monkey or any serious Dodge restorer. Be sure to click on each title to find out which vehicles are covered in the specific manuals and explore the table of contents. The Motor Bookstore offers a complete selection of Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth car repair manuals with more great publications.