Cadillac Repair Manuals

Cadillac Car Repair & Service Manuals

A handy addition to your garage or workspace is a Cadillac repair manual by Chilton or Haynes. These manuals are jammed-full of a wealth of information for repairing, maintaining, or even rebuilding your car.

You'll get step-by-step instructions on most tasks, complete with wiring diagrams, photographs of actual repair procedures, and exploded views of many mechanical components on your Cadillac.

Also Available:
OEM Cadillac Factory Service Manuals on CD, 1935-1972
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The Iconic Cadillac: Since 1902

The Cadillac evokes an image of the American dream car. Since 1902 when the first Cadillac was produced, the brand has been known for it's innovative designs and engineering.

The first car to feature an electric self-starter, ignition, and lighting system in 1910; the first V-8, then the first V-16 for a passenger car; air bags introduced in 1980; later the first electronic traction control system — no wonder Cadillac is synonomous with luxury!

You'll want to keep your Cadillac in tip-top shape. A repair manual will give you the necessary information for repairing, maintaining and servicing your car.

From 1967 to current models, the Haynes and Chilton do-it-yourself repair books are loaded with step by step instructions for most tasks you might want to perform in your garage.

And if you own an older Cadillac, we also offer original factory Cadillac service manuals on CD-ROM, from 1954 to 1972.