2021 ATSG Transmission Training Seminar Books & DVD Set


2021 ATSG Transmission Training Seminar Books & DVD Set

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2021 ATSG Transmission Training Seminar Books & DVD Set

MSRP: $150.00
Only $84.58
free shipping (US48)

in stock

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The 2021 ATSG Technical Training Seminar Books & DVD Set is the same set of material given out in the live seminar. It is invaluable transmission training instructions for the transmission mechanic focusing on General Motors (GM), Ford, Chrysler and Import transmissions.

When it comes to servicing automatic transmissions, your success depends upon working from reliable information. Fortunately, we have it, courtesy of the only name in that game that you need to know -- Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG).

They were pioneers in the field and remain the industry-leading experts. One of ATSG's great offerings is their annual seminar. As with most classes, the textbooks are huge assets to understanding the subject matter. They contain a vast amount of professionally-written material which can not only teach you the procedures, but are easily accessed for reference, time and time again. When you're ready to get to work, they can be right there at your fingertips to guide you.

This 2021 ATSG Technical Seminar Books & DVD set includes:

  • Book one (expert training details on General Motors (GM) & Medium Duty Trucks automatic transmissions)
  • Book two (expert training details on Ford & Chrysler automatic transmissions)
  • Book three (expert training details on import brands automatic transmissions)
  • Digital versatile disc (DVD) (includes the presentation slides)

The Motor Bookstore (TMB) proudly offers this coordinated package of beautiful technical seminar resources. For the 2021 information, it's even easy to spot the right book on the shelf as this set stays true to the red, white and blue. That is, it consists of three, nicely printed and bound books and one DVD. The red covered book addresses automatic transmission information for General Motors (GM) cars, light duty & medium duty trucks. The white covered book encompasses Ford and Chrysler and the blue covered book handles the imports. ATSG put the slogan "GET IT DONE IN 2021!" on each cover and that's exactly what they did. Luckily, this information is still valid moving forward.

Each printed manual contains thorough, well-written text instructions, as well as a huge number and variety of visual aids to assist you all along the way. Throughout this outstanding set, you'll find many, helpful, color photographs, color diagrams, color illustrations, black and white illustrations, exploded-views, cut-away views, charts and tables.

ATSG shares this wealth of specialist knowledge, so you can get the jobs done right the first time. These superior guides have been carefully designed to include established fixes. The real-world solutions found here were obtained by following the best practices from the industry pros. We're not sure in which order you'll rank these items, but we believe you'll absolutely love saving time, money and frustration.

To give you an idea of how wonderfully informative these resources are, let's take a look at what you'll learn in JUST the red (GM) book. Here's a list of topics...

4L60 2nd Gear Starts
4L60 Harsh Shifts and Engagements. E85 Fuel
4L60E-2010-2014 Spacer Plate Part Number
Speed Limiter Software RPO Codes
4L60E Rotor Failure
6L80-90 Defective New Pump
6L80 Delayed Engagement
6L80 Drum Interchange
6L80 Offshore Defective Drum
6L80 Harsh Shifts of Falls Out of Gear
6L80 Harsh Coast Downshift to 2nd
6L80 P0218 ATF Overtemp Code
6L80 Wire Harness Damage
6L80 Erratic PRND
6L80 TCC Shudder or Cycling
6L90 Solenoid Buzzing. Water Intrusion
6L 6T 2018 No Engagements or Harsh Shifts. Defective TEHCM
6T40 3.6L Harsh Shifts
6T40 Hybrid Loss of Line Pressure
6T40 Generation 3 Pump Update
Chevy GMC "Shift to Park" Message
6T70 P182E Internal Mode Switch Code
6T70 No Movement
6T70 Reverse Movement in Neutral
8L90 P07BF Input Speed Sensor Code
8L90 Internal Harness Part Numbers
8L90 No Movement. Low Line Pressure
8L90 Park Does Not Hold/Engage
8L90 Bind Up While Coming to a Stop
8L90 Falls out of Gear at a Stop
8L 10L TCC Shudder. Proper Fluid
9T50 P0747
9T50 Solenoid Body PUN for Programming
10L90 PUN

Allison 1000 No Movement with P0701
Allison No Forward
Duonic Code Retrieval

To continue our look at this fine information, we'll check out the first item: GM 4L60E Second Gear Starts. You'll quickly find that the detailed Technical Service Information is presented in an organized manner. Each subject contains: COMPLAINT, CAUSE(S) and CORRECTION. This particular example appears as such:

A 1993 Chevrolet 1500 with the 5.0 liter engine and 4L60E transmission has a complaint of second gear starts. The truck seemed to start off in first gear on an initial cold start but would stay in second gear at a stop or even when shifted out of Drive to Park or Reverse and then back into Drive again. The scanner showed the computer commanded a first gear start and both shift solenoids were confirmed to be on with a voltage check. First the shift solenoids were replaced to no avail. Then the valve body was replaced with another complete assembly and shift solenoid feed orifices in the spacer plate were enlarged to .035", the same problem remained.

The 4L60E valve body by default is in 2Nd Gear when the engine is off. Once the engine is started and line and AFL pressure have generated 48lbs or more the 1-2 shift valve will be stroked into 1st gear. It requires 48lbs to overcome the tension of the 1-2 shift valve spring. A deficiency in the line or AFL pressure that allows line pressure to drop below 48lbs is going to create 2nd gear starts. The line pressure was checked and it was reading at the correct value of 62lbs in the drive range, this ruled out any line pressure, AFL valve or forward accumulator piston problems.

The technician discovered on a subsequent road test that in the manual low range the transmission would bind up. It was suggested to the technician to check the 1-2 accumulator piston seal and the piston pin bore. This is when the technician observed the 1-2 accumulator piston was missing the rubber seal, refer to figure 1. When the piston seal is leaking or missing accumulator pressure Is going to feed past the 2nd accumulator piston into the band apply circuit an apply the band, refer to the green circled arrows in figure 3.

With a seal installed on the 1-2 accumulator piston, see figure 2, a short road test confirmed the fact that the complaint had been eliminated.

Following this great write-up, they've included a page featuring two beautiful color photographs. Figure one shows the 1-2 accumulator seal missing, while Figure 2 provides a look at the 1-2 accumulator seal installed. The next page contains Figure 3, which is a color diagram marked with multiple green arrows to visually explain what the text has outlined. This combination of materials delivers unmatched clarity for the various tasks at hand.

Additional topics may break down the information with such other categories as: CHANGE, REASON, PARTS AFFECTED, INTERCHANGEABILITY and SUMMARY. You'll discover they're just as easy to follow and also contain an abundance of helpful instructions.

While we've chosen to provide examples from the GM guide here, you can be sure that the other two books contain the same exceptional level of detail in subject matter, text and visual aids. All of these manuals have been designed and compiled to help you solve your technical challenges. There's about 350 printed pages in this set. As if that weren't enough, the DVD contains over 520 slides. Many of those slides are presented in glorious color. It's a handy and attractive addition to an already valuable set.

Shift your automatic transmission knowledge into high-gear with the best information available. If you're able to attend the virtual seminar from the ATSG library, you'll want to be prepared, by having the "class" materials. We have them here and we're ready to ship. If you don't want to, or are unable to watch the seminar, you'll still benefit greatly from owning the multitude of technical solutions and explanations found in the pages of this expert set. Order yours today!


  • Publisher: ATSG - Automatic Transmission Service Group
  • Pages: 350 approx. with 520 presentation slides - Hundreds of b&w & color photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Years: 2021