1940 Chrysler Shop Manual


1940 Chrysler Shop Manual

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1940 Chrysler Shop Manual

MSRP: $57.00
Only $38.95
free shipping (US48)

in stock

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This 1940 Chrysler Shop Manual by Detroit Iron® is a high-quality, licensed, PRINT reproduction of the shop manual written and first published by the experts at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Chrysler Corporation, for use by their dealership mechanics.  It's a wonderful, comprehensive guide for taking care of all of the maintenance and repair projects on your classic Chrysler.  Now, this professional auto repair book can be yours with just a few clicks!  You'll find close to 250 pages of detailed explanations, step-by-step text instructions and a huge number and variety of first-class visual aids.  It really is the superior resource to use!

Whether you're turning wrenches on the engine, transmission, brakes, axles, steering, cooling system or any of the other subsystems of your vintage machine, this repair manual contains the factory-correct procedures and specifications necessary to complete the jobs accurately and efficiently.  From troubleshooting/diagnostic tasks to repairs of all sizes, this OEM shop manual reprint has what you need.

Why pick up a copy of this service manual?  Working on your vintage car will be much easier with the help of this guide.  It can save you time and money (and eliminate loads of frustration).  This manual alerts you to potential hazards. 

Fortunately, not only is this shop manual full of useful information, it's well-organized.  Take a look at the table of contents and you'll see that the information has been thoughtfully divided into major assemblies of the car.  Where possible, the steps have been arranged as follows:

  • Removal and Installation
  • Adjustments
  • Maintenance

Here at The Motor Bookstore™, we remain dedicated to offering the best products on the market.  That's why we've chosen THIS version of the 1940 Chrysler Shop Manual from publisher Detroit Iron®.  Here are just some reasons we carry the Detroit Iron® brand: 

  • ALL of the content from the original has been retained
  • They use industry-leading, digital, print technology and equipment
  • They use first-class materials, such as thick paper
  • Their manuals feature dark text, clean backgrounds and sharp visual tools

Please check out the sample page we've included.  It showcases three beautiful visual aids, including a helpful cut-away view of the brake master cylinder.  The thorough, written instructions and descriptions, combined with the outstanding photographs, illustrations and other tools deliver unmatched clarity.  You'll be able to take on your projects with confidence, knowing the expert instructions are in the palm of your hand.

In 1940, Chrysler kicked off the new decade by continuing to offer great value on cars featuring excellent engineering.  Those same admirable attributes can be found in this reproduction Chrysler shop manual.  Be sure to get and keep your classic machine at its best. 

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  • 1940 Chrysler C25
  • 1940 Chrysler C26
  • 1940 Chrysler Crown Imperial
  • 1940 Chrysler New Yorker
  • 1940 Chrysler Royal
  • 1940 Chrysler Saratoga
  • 1940 Chrysler Traveler
  • 1940 Chrysler Windsor

This factory-written shop manual is perfect for service, repairs, restoration, and rebuild projects.  Clear illustrations and photos show exploded views, as well as component details, plus specifications, engine repair details, fuel systems and more.

Subject: 1940 Chrysler Shop Manual - Includes Detailed Procedures and Instructions. | ISBN-10: 01791418120 | ISBN-13: 9781791418120 | OEM Part Number: D-8637

1940 Chrysler Shop Manual - Table of Contents

1940 Chrysler Shop Manual  - Table of Contents

Sample Page:Below:1940 Chrysler Shop Manual - Sample Page 1
1940 Chrysler Shop Manual - Sample Page 1


  • Publisher: Detroit Iron
  • Author: Chrysler Corporation
  • Pages: 244 - Hundreds of b&w illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 x 0.46 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-7914-1812-0
  • Years: 1940