VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual 1966-1969

VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual 1966-1969
VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual 1966-1969
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The VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual by Bentley, covers 1966 through 1969 models equipped with 1300 and 1500 engines. Transmissions covered include the 4-speed (plus reverse) manual transmission and the Automatic Stick Shift, which was offered as optional equipment for Volkswagen cars with the 1500 engine.

This book features complete color wiring diagrams for both 12-volt and 6-volt systems, convertible top repair, how to rebuild the carburetor (Solex 30 PICT-1 and 30 PICT-2) and comprehensive year and model specs and troubleshooting sections.

This is the best do-it-yourselfer or professional mechanic guide for complete 1966-1969 VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia service and repair information.

Volkswagen of America Part No. LPV 997 169.

Book Excerpt: 1966-1969 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual



The fan belt, powered by the crankshaft pulley, drives the generator and the cooling fan. The belt is under continuous heavy stress, especially at high engine speeds, and is subject to stretching as well as wear. Though the life expectancy of the WV fan belt is very high, you should always carry a spare in your car.

The tension of the fan belt is important. The belt should not be too tight on the two pulleys or too slack. If too slack, it will slip and cause overheating of the engine. If too tight, it may break under the severe stresses. A new belt may stretch slightly in the 500 or 600 miles. The tension should be checked.


With your thumb, press the belt at a point midway between the two pulleys. If under correct tension, the belt will give approximately 5/8 in (15 mm). See Fig. 18.

In general, a cracked, frayed or oil-soaked fan belt is to be considered unserviceable and should be replaced.


The generator pulley consists of separate halves (plates) with spacer washers between them. A Woodruff key fixes the position of the front half of the pulley on the shaft. The retaining nut on the end of the shaft secures the assembly. Extra washers are kept on the shaft between the rear half of the pulley and the retaining nut.

The number of washers between the pulley halves determines belt tension because it sets the separation between the halves. When the pulley halves are close together, the belt rides high, without slack. When the pulley halves are farther apart, the belt tension slackens.

WARNING! Before beginning any work on the V-belt, make sure that the ignition is off and the gearshift in neutral. Set the parking brake. Do not wear loose clothing that in case of accidental starting of the engine could be snagged in the V-belt or pulleys.


When repairing the transmission, it is advisable to remove and install the differential complete with axle shafts. For this operation remove the right wheel bearing housing on the axle shaft and press the differential out to the left, complete with the final drive cover.


  1. Remove nuts holding gearshift housing, gasket and inner shift lever.
  2. Pry off all lock plates for drive pinion and main drive shaft nuts.
  3. Engage reverse and 3rd/4th gear to lock transmission.
  4. Remove drive pinion and main drive shaft nuts and take off lock plates. (Do not re-install the used nuts.) Fig. 33 shows the operation.
  5. Remove gear carrier stud nuts and take off battery ground strap.
  6. Turn transmission case to bring left-hand final drive cover upward.

Subject: 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, VW Karmann Ghia service, maintenance, repair. ISBN-10: 0837616468 | ISBN-13: 9780837616469 | Bentley V121

  • Publisher: Bentley Publishers
  • Pages: 512 - 959 b&w photos/illustrations, plus 6 pgs. of wiring diagrams
  • Binding: Hardcover - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8376-1646-9
  • Years: 1966 - 1969
Table of Contents
  • Getting Started
  • Engine
  • Fuel System
  • Front Axle
  • Transmission and Rear Axle
  • Automatic Stick Shift
  • Brakes
  • Lubrication and Maintenance
  • Body and Frame
  • Electrical System
  • Color Supplement: Wiring Diagrams
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Questions & Answers about VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual 1966-1969

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VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia Repair Manual 1966-1969
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