Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250, QuadRunner, King Quad ATV Repair Manual 1987-1998

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Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250, QuadRunner, King Quad ATV Repair Manual 1987-1998

SKU: M483-2
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Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250, QuadRunner, King Quad ATV Repair Manual 1987-1998

MSRP: $49.95
Only $43.95
free shipping (US48)

in stock

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The 1987-1998 Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250 ATV repair manual by Clymer covers:

  • Suzuki LT-4WD QuadRunner, 1987-1998
  • Suzuki LT-4WDX King Quad, 1991-1998
  • Suzuki LT-F250 Quad Runner, 1988-1998

Note: all models listed in this manual come equipped with either a 250cc or 280cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC).

Book Excerpt: 1987-1998 Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250, QuadRunner, King Quad ATV Repair Manual WASHING THE VEHICLE
Since the vehicle is an off-road vehicle designed for use on construction sights, agricultural areas, etc., you will spend a lot of time cleaning the ATV if you want to maintain it properly. After riding it in extremely dirty areas, wash it down thoroughly. Doing this will make maintenance and service procedures quick and easy. More important, proper cleaning will prevent dirt from falling into critical areas undetected. Failing to clean the vehicle or cleaning it incorrectly will add to your maintenance costs and shop time because dirty parts wear out prematurely. It's unthinkable that your vehicle could break down because of improper cleaning, but it can happen. When cleaning your Suzuki ATV, you will need a few tools, shop rags, scrub brush, bucket, liquid cleaner and access to water. Many owners use a coin-operated car wash. Coin-operated care washes are convenient and quick, but with improper use, the high water pressures can do more damage than good to your vehicle.

This chaper contains repair and replacement procedures for the front drive mechanism. Service to the front drive mechanism consists of periodically checking the rubber boots on the front drive axles. If the boot(s) get torn or damaged, the pivot bearings may get damaged from dirt and water. The lubrication level check and service procedures for the front differential is covered in Chapter Three. The secondary bevel gear and output shaft assemblies are located within the crankcase and are covered in Chapter Five.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: I ordered the Clymer workshop manual for the Suzuki ATV from you, as I was unable to find one in Australia for a reasonable price. The manual that arrived a short time later was far better than what I expectd, it had very good detail on all areas of repair and maintenance with good photo detail. With the manual's help, I was able to repair the Suzuki, even though I had no knowledge at all about ATVs. Thanking you, Tony Melnik | Australia

A very popular repair manual for Suzuki All-Terrain Vehicles and a bestselling book at The Motor Bookstore, this Clymer manual is all the DIY Suzuki LT ATV owner will need to get the right information to keep the machine running right. Covering from basic maintenance chores to more advanced topics such as tune-up, troubleshooting and major repairs, a Clymer manual is the perfect companion for your ATV, as it will help save time and money on service jobs that can be done in your own garage. Subject: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Suzuki LT-4WD, LT-4WDX, LT-F250, QuadRunner, King Quad ATV service, maintenance, & repair instructions. ISBN-10: 0892878665 | ISBN-13: 9780892878666 | Clymer M483-2
  • General Information
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-up
  • Engine Top and Lower End
  • Clutch and External Gearshift Linkage
  • Transmission and Internal Shift Mechanism
  • Fuel and Emission Systems
  • Exhaust System
  • Electrical System
  • Wheels, Tires and Drive Chain
  • Front Suspension and Steering
  • Rear Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Body and Frame
  • Wiring Diagrams


  • Publisher: Clymer Series / Haynes Manuals
  • Pages: 464 - Hundreds of b&w photos and illustrations
  • Binding: Paperback - 7 x 10 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-89287-866-6
  • Years: 1987 - 1998