DIY Repair / Rebuild Project, Garage or Mancave Photo Submission

Send in photos of your DIY Restoration / Rebuild / Service, Garage or Mancave project with a description for an instant store-credit or free gift!

We love DIY and professional mechanics. We especially love the projects our customers are working on - restorations, rebuilds, performance, cutomizations, service and repairs on all vehicle types with a motor, e.g. motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, tractors, marine outboards / inboards, snowmobiles, and more...

Share your photos and we will provide you an instant in-store discount or send you a free gift, if available. Are you interested in sharing photos of your latest DIY project, cool motorhead garage or mancave with like minded DIY'ers? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right store. We are interested in photos of your latest DIY project, and/or motorhead themed garage and mancaves. The specific DIY project topics of the photos can be really anything you want them to be; however, here are some ideas:

  • Before and After photos of your DIY project.
  • Photos of yourself or family member with your favorite motor vehicle.
  • Action shots of your DIY project as it progressed.
  • Photos of your motor vehicle in an "action event" such as: race, mud bogging, trailblazing, cruising, etc.
  • A funny DIY related photo, e.g. your favorite brought you your favorite beverage while you were turning a wrench...

NOTE: Your photos and information will not be used outside of The Motor Bookstore company.

Photo Submission - Additional Notes and Comments to consider

Here are some specific notes that may interest you regarding the photo submission process and the gift selection below:

  • Physical Gifts - if available, the photos of the optional gifts will be above.
  • Free Gifts can only be sent to US addresses. Other
  • Various photo file types are supported: jpg, gif, png, etc.
  • In Store Credit - wait for the photo submission to complete and your instant credit discount code will be revealed on this page. Insert the text of the in discount code in the checkout area and your discount will be applied.
  • Time for photo upload can take 1-30 seconds - depends on your internet or cellular speed and the size of the files. Please be patient and wait for the submission to complete before moving to another page.