Subaru Repair Manuals

Subaru Car Repair & Service Manuals

Protect your investment in your Subaru by repairing, servicing and maintaining it yourself with the help of a Subaru repair manual by Chilton or Haynes. Comprehensive illustrations show you exactly where parts are located on your car and sequential, step-by-step instructions explain how to repair or replace parts and components.

From something basic like a brake job, to something more challenging like an engine overhaul, a repair manual will guide you from start to finish.

Maintain and Improve your Subaru

Perhaps you just need to know how to service or maintain your Subaru. The repair manual has a whole chapter on servicing the car, making it an effective Subaru service manual. There is a recommended servicing schedule and information on how to check the fluid levels for the oil, the brakes, the engine coolant, power steering fluid - even the windshield washer fluid.

But maybe you have some annoying problem and need to troubleshoot it. Refer to the troubleshooting chart, which will help you determine if the repair is something you can handle yourself or whether a trip to the dealership is in order.

A savvy do-it-yourself mechanic can use these books to do a complete engine overhaul. Let the actual photographs in the book guide you as you read the sequence for disassembly and reassembly of the engine.

You'll find the specifications for the cylinder bore, valves, pistons and rings, and torque required for putting it all together. Or perhaps you have an electrical or wiring malfunction. You can refer to the electrical wiring diagrams and trace the problem to its source.

Chilton and Haynes manuals have been published for decades and have been the do-it-yourselfers' trusted guidebook for repairing, servicing, and maintaining their Subarus.