Scooter & Moped Repair Manuals


The Haynes Scooter repair manuals we offer are the best available!

Intended for do-it-yourself mechanics who like to work on their own bikes, these manuals feature easy-to-follow, step-by-step photo instructions ranging from basic maintenance to complete disassembly and reassembly procedures.

Having access to this information will allow you to repair, service or even restore your scooter.

Scooters are everywhere!

Now more than ever, scooters are affordable, fuel efficient and fun to ride. And whether you own a classic Vespa; a modern European model; a scooter built by one of the "Big 4" of Japan or a Taiwanese, Korean or Chinese scooter, we probably have a repair workshop manual for it. If you own a scooter and are looking for a Honda scooter repair manual or Yamaha scooter repair manual, you'll find them for different years and models. You'll also find Vespa, Lambretta and other brands.

Scooters can also be quite dependable, and people all over the world have been relying on themfor more than a century-to get around town. But a scooter, or any vehicle for that matter, is only reliable if it has been maintained and serviced properly.

Haynes has been publishing repair and service manuals for decades, and their traditional "have a mechanic dismantle then reassemble the vehicle, while a photographer documents the process" approach is applied to their scooter manuals. This makes them easy to understand and use.

So whether you want to restore your classic or vintage scooter, need to do a little bit of basic maintenance on your modern machine, or rebuild the engine and transmission of a great deal you found at a local garage sale, arm yourself with one of the scooter repair manuals we offer. Do the job as well as a professional mechanic would.